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Last modified: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 

Refers to communications systems, especially the Advance Mobile Phone Service (AMPS), that divide a geographic region into sections, called cells. The purpose of this division is to make the most use out of a limited number of transmission frequencies. Each connection, or conversation, requires its own dedicated frequency, and the total number of available frequencies is about 1,000. To support more than 1,000 simultaneous conversations, cellular systems allocate a set number of frequencies for each cell. Two cells can use the same frequency for different conversations so long as the cells are not adjacent to each other.

For digital communications, several competing cellular systems exist, including GSM and CDMA.

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Cellular Phone and Roaming Service
Describes the basics of cell phones and how they work, an overview of the cell phone system, and what happens when a cell phone places a call. Also an FAQ.

Cellular Radio Fact Sheet
Contains the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau fact sheet for cellular radio.

Demystifying Cellular Communications
Provides a concise explanation of how cellular technology works.

Wireless communication consumer information
Contains links to wireless phone purchasing and service information, FAQs, a wireless technology overview, information on product certification, and manufacturer listings for accessories.

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