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Last modified: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 

A high-level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in the mid 1970s. Although originally designed as a systems programming language, C has proved to be a powerful and flexible language that can be used for a variety of applications, from business programs to engineering. C is a particularly popular language for personal computer programmers because it is relatively small -- it requires less memory than other languages.

The first major program written in C was the UNIX operating system, and for many years C was considered to be inextricably linked with UNIX. Now, however, C is an important language independent of UNIX.

Although it is a high-level language, C is much closer to assembly language than are most other high-level languages. This closeness to the underlying machine language allows C programmers to write very efficient code. The low-level nature of C, however, can make the language difficult to use for some types of applications.

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For pages about C . Also check out the following links!

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C and C++ programming tutorials 
A collection of links to downloadable C programming tutorials, as well as a list of reference books, an FAQ, and the origins of C and C++.

Association of C/C++ users
Site of ACCU, the Association of C and C++ users. It contains information on the C family of programming languages including publications, book reviews, links to C sites, and related information.

C programming book
This page highlights the book "C Programming - A modern approach", written by K.N. King of Georgia State University.

C programming language
This page explains some peculiarities of the C programming language in the form of a 'Top 10' list.

C programming language FAQ
Contains the table of contents for the C programming language FAQ from the comp.lang.c newsgroup.

C programming reference
Provides online sources for C programming materials, including syntax, quick reference guides, and example programs.

DevCentral Tutorials: C/C++
Tutorials on C, C++, and general object oriented programming.

Guide to programming in C
Courseware on learning the basics of C programming. Includes an extensive list of links to sections of the course.

Introduction to C Programming
Contains a set of tutorials that help you to learn about the C programming language. This tutorial is from the DevCentral site at Interface Technologies, Inc.

ISO C home page
Official JTC1/SC22/WG14 (C programming language) site.

Yahoo!'s C and C++ pages
Yahoo!'s directory of C and C++.

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