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Last modified: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 

A family of personal computers originally produced by Commodore Business Machines. Amigas are powerful personal computers that have extra microprocessors to handle graphics and sound generation. The Amiga operating system has had preemptive multitasking since its inception in 1985, 10 years before this feature found its way into Microsoft Windows.

Like older Apple Macintosh computers, the Amiga line of computers is built around the Motorola 680x0 line of microprocessors. Although the Amiga operating system is not compatible with other PC operating systems, such as DOS and Windows, there are emulation programs that enable an Amiga to run PC, Macintosh, and even UNIX programs.

Faced with financial hardships, Commodore sold the Amiga to a German company called Escom AG. Escom, in turn, also went bankrupt. In March, 1997, Gateway 2000 purchased the Amiga design.

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amiCrawler search engine 
Home page for amiCrawler, an Amiga Web site search engine. In addition, this page hosts a complete collection of links to Amiga directories, application listings, a global file server, and online manuals.

Amiga Home Page 
Official home page for the Amiga, Inc. Includes news, information about user organizations, developer links, events, and product information.

Amiga Web Directory 
The Amiga Web Directory offers a comprehensive collection of Amiga sites on the Web. This site is hosted by the by the Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group and CU-Online.

The so-called Amiga home page 
This unofficial Amiga home page from Omnipresence International, provides many links to news, user support, hardware, software, and other related resources for Amiga users.

Amiga computers and their history
This page gives an introduction to Amiga computers and their merits and distinctions, as well as a detailed discussion of Amiga's history and current developments.

Amiga FAQ and resource page
Contains links to Amiga Mosaic, World Wide Web and TCP/IP FAQs, bibliographic resources, and a FAQ from

Amiga hardware support page
This page, provided by the Champaign-Urbana Commodore User Group, has an extensive list of links to Internet sites that deal with Amiga hardware and technical issues.

Amiga Internet Guide
The Amiga Internet Guide is a comprehensive list of programs which allow internet connections from Amiga computers. There are sections for TCP, Web browsers, e-mail, FTP, IRC, newsreaders, and gopher programs.

Amiga news
This Amiga news home page, created by an Amiga power user, provides news and product announcement information, along with a list of useful Amiga sites.

Amiga Report magazine
Home page for the Amiga Report. This publication has become the de facto standard for online Amiga journalism. Here you can find current news, product reviews and information. You may search recent issues for topics of interest.

Amiga's operating system
This page discusses Amiga's operating system in detail, in a question and answer format.

Aminet - Amiga software archive
Aminet is the internet's largest collection of Amiga software. This archive provides links to recent uploads, a directory of Amiga WWW sites, help files, and a search tool for Aminet files.

Aminet - Amiga Software Archive
Aminet is the largest collection of Amiga software on the Internet. Files are available for direct downloading and a search tool makes this archive easy to navigate.

Champaign-Urbana Users Group for Commodore, Amiga and Macintosh
This user group supports Amiga, Macintosh and C64/128 computers. This home page offers a wealth of information on the group, along with many Web related links to related resources.

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