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Date News
22 Feb 02 GnomeMeeting wins Belgian IT Prize...more information
18 Feb 02 GNATS bug tracking system installed...go to GNATS page
12 Feb 02 Quicknet driver 1.2.1 released (Update for recent kernels)
1 Feb 02 OPAL with SIP release...learn more 
1 Feb02 T.38 code available ...learn more ...learn more
19 Nov 01 Quicknet driver 1.2.0 released (Update for recent build cards)
5 Oct 01 Openh323 1.7 released.
7 Sep 01 Quicknet driver 1.0.2 released (Update for 2.4.9 kernel)
12 Aug 01 OpenH323 1.6 released, includes GK server, H.235 Annex D authentication and more
10 Aug 01 Quicknet driver 1.0.0b released (RedHat 6.2 tested)
8 Aug 01 Quicknet driver 1.0.0a released (RedHat 7.1 and Suse tested)
7 Aug 01 Quicknet driver 1.0.0 released with GNU autoconf install
16 Mar 01 Added documentation for Quicknet drivers.
19 Dec 00 OpenH323 Version 1.1pl1 Maintenance Release. See the release notes for more information
5 Oct 00 Version 0.4.1 of the Quicknet drivers released (includes isapnp)
8 Jan 00 Release 1.0alpha2. Many bug fixes and some restructuring.
29 Dec 99 OpenH323 now supports the new Linux kernel telephony driver as created by Quicknet.
Kudos to the Quicknet team for making their drivers Open Source!
24 Nov 99 New v1.0alpha1 release! See the release notes.
16 Oct 99 Release 0.9alpha2. Fixed gatekeeper bugs.
9 Oct 99 Release 0.9alpha1. Added simple video
16 Sep 99 Austrian Mirror site added, thanks to Alexander List
3 Sep 99 Release 0.8alpha1. Added RAS (Gatekeeper) support.
27 Aug 99 German Mirror site added, thanks to Ralf Lehmann
24 July 99 Compatibility matrix released for 27 Jul 99 code.
23 July 99 Release 0.7alpha2. Some bug fixes for hang up and connection termination.
20 July 99 Release 0.07. A lot of implementation. The thing is starting to take on the attributes of being really useful! There is enough there now to start writing a real net phone application.
26 June 99 Release 0.06. Major directory restructure. Lots of bugs fixed.
15 June 99 Release 0.05. Bidirectional G.711 sound!
13 June 99 Site updated for new logo and design
9 June 99 New releases available of voxilla and PWLib. Major class reorganisation (see architecture document) and enhancements to ASN compiler to support the H.323 v2 protocol ASN files.
28 May 99 Vovida Networks and Equivalence have announced a strategic alliance that aims to acheive a commercially useful version of OpenH323 within three months. We're really excited about this - the result will be a useful implementation of the H.323 stack that everyone can use. The full text of the press release is available. For more information, contact Vovida or Equivalence.
14 May 99 Russian mirror site now available, thanks to Victor L. Belov of ZENON N.S.P.
14 May 99 Second US mirror site now available, thanks to Brian Wiles, the Speak Freely maintainer.
14 May 99 Norwegian mirror site now available, thanks to Terje Vernly of Consilio Research.
9 May 99 OpenH323 will be working with SpeakFreely, and we are now mirroring the SpeakFreely site in Australia.
More info here...
7 May 99 Made the CVS archive public, with a web interface.
26 Apr 99 "First Noise" acheived with OpenH323. More info here
22 Apr 99 Maintenance release of PWLib. Including new documentation link!
19 Jan 99 Second release of the "bootstrap" code.
29 Dec 98 US mirror site now active, thanks to Hank Magnuski of MT&I Associates
16 Dec 98 Bootstrap code release now available!
07 Dec 98 The Voxilla project is back in contact! More info here.
06 Dec 98 now active!
06 Dec 98 Added links to other H.323 spec sites
05 Dec 98 Project renamed to OpenH323 and kickoff letter send to interested parties.
22 Sep 98 Draft H.323, H.245 and H.225 standards available
20 Sep 98 Voxilla H.323 Project site created.

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