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To join the project as an active developer, you will need to be comfortable with writing and compiling C++ programs under either Windows or one of the supported flavour of Unix. You should also be comfortable with using CVS to access the OpenH323 source archive.

Although you can do development and application testing with one machine, it is a lot easier if you have two machines: one for compiling/editing/debugging and the other as a test endpoint to talk to. Either machine can be Windows or Unix

So get out your compiler and start coding...

What you will need.

  • We recommend two computers, one to compile your code, and the other run a H.323 client program to talk to. The second computer can run OpenH323 too - it doesn't have to a commercial program you test with.
  • Knowledge of C and (probably) C++.
  • A great deal of tenacity and experience in reading "spec-ese" as found in technical specifications created by committee!

How to start

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