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This page contains some information and links to H.323 related products such as gateways, hardware and conference servers. See our H.323 Client page if you need a H.323 client program

We will be adding more information to this page as it becomes available.

If you have any additions, changes or comments about this list, then please send them to webmaster@openh323.org

Intel Proshare, Intel Teamstation

More information to follow

LineJack/PhoneJack/PhoneCard - Quicknet Technologies

Quicknet provide a range of low density telephony cards for the PC platform that are useful for telephony projects. The PhoneJack is available in ISA and PCI versions, and provides an POTS interface to a phone handset. The ISA-based LineJack includes a POTS interface and and a PSTN interface for connecting to a phone line. The PCMCIA PhoneCard provide similar functionality to the PhoneJack but in a form suitable for laptops and portables.

All of the QuickNet products are supported by a GPL Open Source Linux device driver that is part of 2.2.14 kernel. A binary-only Windows SDK is also available. Both of these software interfaces are supported by OpenH323.

White Pine MeetingPoint

MeetingPoint allows audio, video and White Board conferences as well with T.120. You can configure chat, different audio and video codecs
per conference, and an ILS portion of it that we use to help video conferees locate one another with. MeetingPoint can be configured to host
group conferences, or one on one conferences as well as having a billing and tracking method available. For detailed information about MeetingPoint
please see http://www.wpine.com/products/MeetingPoint/index.html

PhonePatch - Equivalence Pty Ltd

A H.323 proxy server for Windows 9X and NT, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD

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