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The latest version of the Quicknet Linux Telephony Driver is 3.10.

To download the latest driver, see below.

For information on developing programs using the driver, see the Quicknet Linux Telephony Driver SDK & Documents page

Downloading latest driver

There are several ways to obtain the Quicknet Telephony drivers for Linux:

1. Download source code
The latest released source code sets are listed below, and are guaranteed to compile and work on our test systems. Full instructions on how to compile the driver source code are on this site, and are also included with the driver package.

2. Get source code from the OpenH323 CVS archive
Although this will guarantee you have the latest code that might have just the big fix you need, it may also have more problems than the "stable" releases.

3. Download a binary module
Due to the wide range of system configurations and types, we are unable to provide binary modules.

Download source code snapshots

Version 3.1.0 of the linux driver can be downloaded from here:


Source code is also available from the mirror sites listed on the right. Note that http://www.openh323.org will always contain the latest files - other sites may lag by a few days.


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