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The OpenH323 FAQ The start of any search for information!
Ohphone man page list of all options for ohphone. There is alsoa PDF version thanks to Miguel Frasson.
H.323 standard documents A list of some of the publically available standards documents that apply to H.323
List of H.323 client programs A table comparing the features of all known H.323 client programs
Open H323 Library Architecture Some information about the architecture of OpenH323
Open H323 Library Diagrams Some diagrams on how OpenH323 does various things, thanks Dominik Sacher
Open H323 Library Reference A description of the classes available in the open H323 library
PWLib Class Library A description of the classes available in the PWLib and PTLib libraries
Quicknet GPL Drivers Reference Progamming reference for the Quicknet xJACK drivers.
Getting the Quicknet GPL drivers working Some notes on getting the Quicknet GPL driver working
Linux VoIP HOWTO Here we see some important info about VoIP, needed to understand it.
Codec Bandwidth and Latency Calculations A table showing the bandwidth requirements and latency of various audio codecs

The PWLib and OpenH323 references may be downloaded as a single file here.

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