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Does your company have a VOIP project requiring experience, rapid time to market, fixed or controllable costs and backed by over 10 YEARS of continuous VOIP development expertise and building on our ownership of the widely popular OpenH323 project ( VoIP Development

As you can see in our client list we have done top tier work with very successful results for a wide range of clients large and small. So when you need your project done well, done on time and done right contact us with your specification or question. We are available for both ad-hoc consulting and project oriented deliveries. We offer accurate, professional and experienced VOIP development on either Time and Materials or Fixed Bid basis.  For more information
please email

Client: Net2Phone (NYSE: IDT, Nasdaq: NTOP)

Project: Develop client software application (IP Hotline and IP Communicator) and customized hardware add in cards (Y@P Jack) to enable use of standard telephones worldwide including full VOIP client application featuring global analog telephone emulation and connectivity, multi language prompting, echo cancellation, latency minimization and multiple VOIP protocol handling in seamless manner. Develop fraud control and business control features to assure reliable global operations. 

Result: Products delivered on time and distributed for use in over 180 countries worldwide. Reach peak productivity generating more revenue for client than all other products in portfolio combined. Products establish and prove business model that continue to generate substantial business share for client today. Client later sold large interest to AT&T for over $1 Billion on strength of technologies and revenues. 

Client: Agilent

Project: Globally compatible analog PSTN connectivity required with high quality high performance VOIP integration. Agilent selected our products and software (Internet LineJACK card) and h.323 stack and drivers for use as the REFERENCE STANDARD FOR VOIP in their VOIP quality of Service Test unit. See test results. 

Result: Hardware and driver/H.323 stack solution utilized and now sold by Agilent for reference testing of PSTN and VOIP networks.

Client: CUworld Inc.

Voic Video and Text chat Project: Take current base of standalone software installations for over users worldwide (95% pirated) and centralized multi-point video conferencing servers and convert to new business model, improve user purchase and conversion to pay rates, implement subscription services, increase quality to TV speed, CD quality audio conferencing, integrated multi platform instant messaging, lower operational costs, and transition from a standalone software application to browser based deliver to assure consistent global versions. Incorporate user-by-user bandwidth controls, administrative interfaces, upgraded graphical look, unique machine fingerprinting for fraud and access control and multi-level automated software sales including subscription and prepaid purchase options for use on global basis in 24x7 operations for 100,000s of users.

Result: Project accomplished successfully in 6 months including conversion of prior user base and 99.97% uptime over 2 year period. 100,000+ users presently subscribed.

Client: Dictaphone Inc.

Project: Implement Customized VOIP conference and VOIP based IVR and Recorder to enable dictation and medical records transcription system via IP telephony.

Result: IP Telephony recording server delivered according to specification and on budget enabling dictation and recording playback from standard endpoints. Enabling new product offering by client to support remote dictation and transcription service lowering costs of operations in health care, legal and related fields.

Client: Department of Homeland Security – Lockheed Martin

Project: Develop undetectable VOIP call monitor enabling multi level call location, decoding, recording and conferencing for use in Homeland Security operations and training.

Result: Software application developed to packet sniff and decode VOIP calls from IP networks so that all sides of a call connection can be monitored and recorded in real time.

Client: Psion Plc.

Project: Develop customized PCMCIA card optimized for IP telephony including global certifications, global analog telephone and fax compatability, adherence to VOIP standards and integrated call delivery service.

Result: Product developed and taken through CE and FCC certification and put into successful manufacture for delivery to customers worldwide. Design included several innovations in low power analog telephony and in fitting full functionality of previous Internet PhoneJACK designs into PCMCIA form and power requirements. Product won several Product of the year awards upon introduction.

Client: Lucent Technologies (iMerge)

Project: Adapt VOIP client and hardware to support iMerge as IP centrex endpoint for lucent’s iMerge offering.

Result: Product adapted and completed with successful interop testing. 

Client: ProtonMEDIA

Project: Develop high performance low footprint audio conferencing system for use in educational environments enabling interactive real time lectures, conferences and group discussion over IP networks.

Result: Project delivered ahead of time on fixed price

For more information please email

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