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The OpenH323 project aims to create a full featured, interoperable, Open Source implementation of the ITU-T H.323 teleconferencing protocol that can be used by personal developers and commercial users without charge.

OpenH323 development is coordinated by  Quicknet Technologies Inc. but is open to any interested party. Commercial and private use of the OpenH323 code, including use in commercial products and resale,  is encouraged through use of the MPL (Mozilla Public license).

Open Source Contracting and Services
We are available to provide contract expertise in development, analysis or enhancement of your H.323 and VOIP products or projects. Recent past successes include projects for companies such as Agilent, Nortel, Lucent, Net2Phone and many others. By working with us you gain access to world class expertise, proven code bases utilized daily in 24x7 carrier operations. Further if your project require enhancements for actual services hosting our relationships can help you find the right relationship faster and more smoothly. Our service partners can provide:
  • Voice over IP Termination
  • Fax over IP delivery
  • MCU hosting and conferencing (including transcoding)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Automated Bulk Call Delivery

If you have a project at hand and need to save time to market, start from a carrier proven code base or are seeking to add a services revenue stream to your product offering please contact us with your requirements for a rapid response and aggressive pricing. Send inquiries to

News all the news

23 Oct 03 Driver for latest Quicknet Phonejack PCI released V3.1.0 Thanks to Derek Smithies! See the Driver download page.
19 Aug 03 Windows and Linux releases for pwlib 1.5.2, openH.323 1.12.2, ohphone 1.4.1 sources. Windows only release for openphone 1.9.1
20 May 03 Users can compile in premiminary H.263 support using the ffmpeg library. (Thanks to Derek, Guilheim and Alice Street)
10 May 03 Dynamic library support on Mac OS X
28 Jan 03 GnomeMeeting v0.96 releases w/PC-to-Phone support...learn more
16 Jan 03 New release with better H.261 bandwidth management and new dynamic jitter buffer code.
25 Oct 02 New releases of PWlib and OpenH323 libraries. Support for Speex codec, IPv6 (preliminary), high file handle usage, VxWorks and RTEMS.
8 July 02 OpenH323 releases

Latest Versions

Program Description Version
PWLib Multi-platform class library v1.5.2
OpenH323 H.323 class library v1.12.2
OPAL Open Phone Abstraction Library
(aka OpenH323 v2)
OpenPhone GUI based H.323 client. v1.9.1
OhPhone Command line H.323 client. v1.4.1
OpenMCU H.323 conference server. v1.1.7
OpenAM H.323 answering machine. v1.1.17
OpenIVR H.323 Interactive Voice Response.                                   v1.0.4
OpenGK H.323 gatekeeper. v1.3.4
PSTNGw H.323 to PSTN gateway v1.2.2
T38Modem H.323 fax (T.38) client. v0.6.2
CallGen323 H.323 call generator v1.2.6


Getting Started
See the FAQ for the aims and targets of this project and a general introduction. Join the mailing list, or download the code. If you want to develop code with OpenH323, then read on how to join the project, and what you will need. A public CVS archive of all OpenH323 code is also available

Here is a list of people and companies who have contributed resources and web space to OpenH323 as well as those working on associated projects. If can think of anyone who should be be listed here, please contact us at

We are compiling a list of H.323 clients and other H.323 applications. Please e-mail us if you have any additions or changes.

GnomeMeeting/Quicknet drivers for PC-to-Phone calls using MicroTelco
The Linux drivers for the Quicknet audio cards are now available from the OpenH323 CVS. Get Quicknet drivers

VoIP Carrier & OEM Services
If you have your own VoIP or Fax-over-IP application based on
OpenH323, have you thought about adding worldwide PSTN
connectivity? You can, and profit from it. Learn more or contact


The current version of the code is available from here, features are:

  • Dynamic threshold algorithm for silence detection
  • GUI client (OpenPhone) for Windows.
  • Command line client for Windows, Linux & various BSD's
  • MCU, PSTN gateway and answering machine for all platforms
  • GSM full rate (06.10), LPC-10 and G.711 uLaw and G.711 ALaw codecs supported in software
  • G.723.1, G.728 and G.729 supported with appropriate hardware
  • Quicknet xJack support (Linux and Win32 only)
  • Voicetronics VPB4 card support (Win32 only)
  • Jitter buffer
  • Silence suppression.
  • H.261 video transmitter / receiver (Linux, BSD & Win32)
  • Gatekeeper (RAS) client support, with broadcast and multicast discovery
  • H.235 Annex D support for Gatekeeper access
  • Fast Start and H.245 tunneling
  • User indication messages.
  • Some H.450 support
  • Shared libraries & DLL's

The "To Do" list

These are not necessarily in any order of priority:

  • Support for more telephony cards (especially high density ones).
  • H.263 support (if we can be convinced on the patent liabilities...)
  • More H.450 support etc.
  • More H.235 security/encryption support.
  • Multicast transport for RTP.
  • Multipoint Controller (conferencing) support.
  • T.120 conferencing support.

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