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If you want the absolute latest code, you can get it from the CVS repository at:

The public username is "anonymous" with no password. Or you can get code via the web interface here. You can get a copy of cvs or WinCVS from Cyclic Software.

Note that the tip revisions are "work in progress", so only use if you want to be on the bleeding edge of development. At any given instant they may not compile on one or the other platform as the CVS is used as the transport between Linux and Windows by the development team. However, as a rule this will compile and if it doesn't wait a few hours and it probably will!

You can use the latest snapshot version numbers as cvs tags if you need to extract or compare against those versions. For example, "v1_1_13" is a valid tag for pwlib, and "v1_0alpha2" would work for OpenH323. This allows you to use the CVS but not be using the tip revisions.


Here is a brief description of the minimum amount you need to know to get things out of the CVS. This applies to both Unix and Win32. Though you can use the WinCVS on the latter which is a GUI front end for CVS.

First you must log in:

  cvs -d login
  (Logging in to
  CVS password: <press enter>

If OpenH323 is the only CVS repository you are ever going to use, then you can set the environment variable CVSROOT to the address above, then you do not need the -d parameter any more.

Then you can check out the PWLib code:

  cd ~
  cvs -z9 -d co ptlib_unix

or for Windows

  cd c:\where\ever
  cvs -z9 -d co pwlib_win32

The -z5 indicates to use gzip compression on the download. You can put this into the ~/.cvsrc file for it to be the default.

Then you can check out the OpenH323 code:

  cd ~
  cvs -z9 -d co openh323

Once this has been done once, from then on to get the latest revisions at any time, do the following:

  cd ~/pwlib
  cvs -z5 update
  cd ~/openh323
  cvs -z5 update -d

The -d option adds new directories if they are created in the repository. This is recommended for the OpenH323 directory tree but not recommended for the pwlib directory. You will end up with a very large amount of stuff that you do not need!

And that is essentially it for most basic use of CVS in the OpenH323 context. To compile everything follow the instructions here.

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