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The following people and companies have contributed resources and web space to OpenH323:


Equivalence Pty Ltd started the OpenH323 project, and continues to be the major contributor of source code.

Quicknet Technologies acquired Equivalence Pty Ltd in March 2000, and have continued to promote and fund the development of OpenH323 since that time.

Special thanks to Derek Smithies of Indranet for his tireless work on the OpenH323 video code, and his frequent assistance and contributions to the mailing list.

Special thanks to Roger Hardiman for the xBSD ports, Mac OS X work and his timely and appropriate suggestions and contributions.

Thanks to Shawn Pai-Hsiang Hsiao for porting OpenH323 (and GnomeMeeting) to Mac OS X.

The WindowsCE port of PwLib and OpenH323, and most of the BeOS port, have been provided by Yuri Kiryanov

Other contributors are Graeme Reid & Frank Derks (H.450), Mark Cooke (video grabbers and converters), Franz Furbass (H.235), Michele Piccini (H.261) and many others.

Thanks to Vladimir Toncar for his efforts in producing a tutorial.

The OpenH323 logo and site design was created by jip

Thanks to the Voicetronix guys for the loan of a four-port VPB card to assist development.

Thanks for Don Murphy, Didier F Bredy and the folks at IVEX Corporation for their contribution to the "First Noise" party fund.

Vovida Networks has provided resources and is part of a strategic alliance with Equivalence Pty Ltd to bring OpenH323 to a commercially useful state by mid-August 1999. provided funding for development of the gatekeeper support.

Spinoff Projects

Lots of other people are working on other projects based on H.323.

Mirror sites

US Mirror site provided by Hank Magnuski of MT&I Associates

Second US Mirror site provided by Brian Wiles, the maintainer of Speak Freely

Norwegian Mirror site provided by Terje Vernly of Consilio Research.

Russian Mirror site provided by Victor L. Belov of ZENON N.S.P.

German Mirror site provided by Ralf Lehmann

Austrian Mirror site provided by Alexander List

Czech Republic Mirror site provided by Ondrej Feela Filip

Australia #1 and Australia #2 Mirror sites provided by Equivalence Pty Ltd

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