Compatibility is what people are looking for between electronic devices. While you get amazing games on your android device, the same might not reflect on Windows/Mac. Its where the term “emulator” comes into the picture which helps in playing any android game or run android apps on either platforms. One such great emulator is Nox.

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What is Nox Emulator?

Nox is an emulator that helps in running android apps and games on Windows/Mac OS. The emulator comprises of several features and smooth gameplay options. It also includes mapping capabilities to keyboards and other gaming console controllers for PC.

The best part is the interaction between multiple devices. Let’s say that you are playing a game on your android device and save it on the cloud. The same can be resumed on the emulator on your computer device without any lag or stutter.

The application runs high-intensity games such as PUBG, Asphalt 8 and more effortlessly without burdening your computer system. Also, this being an emulator for your android device, all the apps and games are available to you right on the computer.

All of this is possible through the home screen (tablet like UI) that is readily available when you run the application.

Key features of Nox Emulator.

It’s Absolutely free!!!

One of the best parts of this emulator is that it’s free. Most of the popular games and apps are all free.

Stability with performance.

While other emulators don’t provide a stable ground in running high-intensity games, Nox does an excellent job in running them smoothly without any distortion or hiccups. All thanks to its updates and enhancements, it helps taking the mobile gaming experience to another level. Games such as PUBG mobile, Fortnite mobile, Hearthstone, etc. all work seamlessly. 

Configuration haven.

The possibilities of using all the peripherals of a computer system are quite feasible. Make use of the keyboard, attach an external gaming controller or even integrate CPU resources. It’s your one-stop-shop to enhance the overall simulation of your android gaming experience.

Friendly UI.

Any emulator needs to be straightforward in what it has to offer. Following this, the UI has to be simple yet intuitive to the user. Nox comprises of a simple UI that is easy to understand. You can use the “quick commands” on your keyboards as well to navigate through the software. But to get familiar with the software, it’s a better option to use it frequently to navigate effectively.

Compatibility with several devices.

The emulator works seamlessly on different computing devices which support AMD or X86. Thus, opening up a whole new paradigm of users that are willing to game android games on their computers without breaking the bank in buying a new phone.

Seamless integration of apps and games.

The versatility that Nox offers is quite unparallel to other emulators in the market. Whether you wish to play any game on your laptop/desktop or run applications, it’s quite straightforward in many ways.

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the application.

The application can be downloaded from the “Nox” website. It’s not that big of a file, so shouldn’t take much time.

Run the downloaded .exe file from your downloads.

While the location of the downloaded file might vary on the computer, run the Nox downloaded package.

Accept all the legal terms.

Accept all the terms and conditions of the software while it installs, it’s a fast and straightforward process so it shouldn’t take much time.

Run the installed software.

You can either run it right after installation or head onto the desktop to find a suitable shortcut to run it from. At first, you will be prompted with a tablet-like UI, but this is the core of the application. Agree to relevant terms and conditions that might be prompted based on the features and services you would like to use.

Have fun playing your favourite android game or running your app. 

The entire UI is designed in such a way that it’s comfortable for users. Playing any games or running any application is just a click away.

How to download and install it on Mac?

  • Download the dmg file form the website.

Download the Nox.dmg file form the official website. It’s quite a large file so it may take some time before it finishes downloading.

  • Open the downloaded dmg file.

Open the file, and it’ll ask you to drag and drop the “Nox” icon to the Applications folder.

  • Agree to all the terms and conditions of the software.

Once dropped, click on the Nox application, and the installation will start. Agree to all the terms and conditions of the applications.

  • Delete the downloaded dmg.

Once the applications have finished downloading, the system will prompt you to delete the downloaded .dmg file. It’s up to you whether or not you wish to delete it or keep it.

  • Enjoy.

Run the application and enjoy android apps & games on your MAC seamlessly.

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