One of the world’s famous and most used graphics card overclocking software, MSI Afterburner offers you full control of your graphics card. This graphic utility software, developed and released by GPU manufacturer MSI, is a small program that is perfect for monitoring, troubleshooting, and modifying the features of your GPU for the smooth gaming experience.

FULL NAME:MSI Afterburner for Windows
Download MSI Afterburner for Windows

Download MSI AfterBurner

With MSI Afterburner, you get a detailed hardware view of your GPU and it also offers some exciting features like video recording, benchmarking, and so on. This free software can work with GPU of all brands so, you can easily control your GPU with this utility tool.

In this post, I have explained in detail a few main features of this software and how you can download and set it up on your desktop to manage your GPU efficiently.

Download MSI Afterburner for Windows

Features of MSI Afterburner

Take a look at the below features to understand why MSI Afterburner is such a good tool to manage your GPU and make your gaming experience even more amazing.

Overclocking Features

Although exploring your graphics card settings and changing it might sound a bit scary and disastrous, it is not the same with MSI Afterburner. With this software’s overclocking features, you will find it easier to access the precision settings so that you can use your GPU to its maximum capabilities while not damaging your GPU or system as well.

With this feature, you can modify a plethora of your GPU settings like power limit, memory clock speed, temperature limit, core voltage, and so on. And the best part is that you can make small tweaks to different setting options to find the perfect balance between capability and performance.

Its OS Scanner tool makes it further easier as it scans any GPU model and then provides you details on the best and most stable overclocking settings. Then, these settings are applied to your games for an improved experience.

Monitoring your Hardware

Apart from overclocking the features, it also allows you to test the changes and keeps a track of the performance of hardware like the voltage, FPS, GPU temperature, memory clock speed, and so on. You can observe the performance through a graph series or with the On-Screen display which shows you the performance while you are playing a game.

This way, you can monitor your hardware in real-time and can keep a close eye on the statistics in the game too.


Another tool that MSI Afterburner offers you is the benchmarking tool, known as MSI Kombustor. This tool is a GPU stress test utility that determines the stability and the thermal performance of your GPU. This is a great feature that offers you information on the tweaks made through the overclocking feature and how it is affecting the performance of your GPU.

Video Capturing

You can also use the add-on application of MSI Afterburner, known as Predator, to capture videos. You can record videos in various formats like WMV, AVI with H.264 codec, etc. and also have the option for different compressions, quality, framerate limit, and so on.

This can help you observe the tweak in the GPU setting which you made and understand what could be done to make your GPU better.

Custom User Skins

Another great thing about MSI Afterburner is that it offers you a collection of skins that can change the look and feel of the software. So, you can choose a skin that makes it easy to access the settings.

So, you can easily choose a skin from the available options or you can download a customized skin online too.

Multilanguage Option

Finally, since MSI Afterburner is used worldwide, you have an option to choose the language that you are comfortable with. Most of the major languages are supported and can be found on the User Interface menu.

Installation Requirements for MSI Afterburner

Before you proceed with the installation of MSI Afterburner, ensure that your PC meets the following system requirements for running MSI Afterburner:

  • Operating Systems compatible with MSI Afterburner are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (on both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Graphics Card like NVIDIA GeForce 6 or a newer version, AMD Radeon HD 2000 or a newer version
  • Drivers like NVIDIA Forceware 96.xx or AMD Catalyst (or higher)

Please Note: You can use any other graphics card with MSI Afterburner as well but the functionality will be limited if it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for GPU as mentioned above.

How to Download and Install MSI Afterburner

Please follow the below steps to download and install MSI Afterburner on your PC:

  1. Head to the official website of MSI Afterburner at to download the tool.
  2. Navigate to the bottom section of the website and then click on the ‘Download’ button under the ‘MSI Afterburner’ to start the download. If you wish to manage and change the graphics of an Android game then you can choose to download the MSI Afterburner App for Android instead. Wait for the download to get completed.
  3. After the download is completed for your PC, go to the download folder where the MSI Afterburner .zip file has been saved. Extract the contents of the .zip file to the MSI Afterburner Setup folder.
  4. Next, search for the MSI Afterburner executable file and double-click on it to run the process.
  5. Follow the installation steps as displayed on your PC and make sure that you installed Kombustor when prompted to do so.
  6. After the installation is complete, run MSI Afterburner and click on the ‘Settings’ cogwheel icon to set it up.
  7. On the Settings page, click on the ‘User Interface’ tab and choose the skin as the ‘Default MSI Afterburner skin’ so that you have a clean and easily accessible interface.
  8. Next, click on the ‘General’ tab and then check both ‘Unlock Voltage Control’ and ‘Únlock Voltage Monitoring’ option.

You can make the rest of the changes according to your system settings and then start using it overclock or monitor your GPU.

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