Mother 2 is an RPG that was developed by HAL Laboratory and Brownie Brown for Game Boy Advance. This game was released in 2006 and follows the story of a psychic boy, Lucas, and his friends who are trying to protect the world from a mysterious invading army.

FULL NAME:Mother 3
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This game allows you to explore the world from a top-down perspective and offers turn-based fights with the enemies. This single-player video game is similar to the previous games in Mother series and takes place in a fictional Nowhere Island. You control the party of playable characters who explore the 2D world.

When you are exploring the overworld, your characters will have to interact with NPCs, collect items, and fight enemies. If you win the fights, you gain experience points that help you level up. You can also accessorize the characters with weapons, armor, and other items to improve the performance.

One of the best things about Mother 3 is that it has a new musical combo system for attacks. So, when you attack an enemy using a weapon, you can attack them repeatedly by following the music beat. This allows characters to attach their enemies sixteen times in a row.

What Game Emulator to Use to Run this ROM?

If you wish to run Mother 3 ROM on your computer system or another device, then you will need to download the suitable Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator first. There are different GBA emulators available for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and so on. If you are a Windows user, then you can download GBA emulators like DreamGBA 2.5, mGBA 0.5.0, VBA Link 1.72, and so on. For the Linux system, you can download Mednafen 1.21.3 Linux and for the MAC system you can download VisualBoyAdvance 2.0.2.

Mother 3
Mother 3
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Mother, aka Earthbound Beginnings, is a role-playing game that was released in 1989. This game follows the protagonist Ninten as he tries to fight hostile and previously inanimate objects along with other enemies using psychic powers. This game uses a first-perspective battle system and features random encounters.


Earthbound is a role-playing video game that was released in 1994 for SNES console and is the second game in the Mother series. The player takes control of the protagonist, Ness, and has to travel the world with 4 other players to collect melodies from the 8 sanctuaries to defeat the evil alien force of Giygas.

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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is an RPG that was released in 1995 for SNES console and is one of the best video games with multiple endings. In this game, you control a group of adventurers and have to time travel to prevent a global catastrophe. On the journey, you have to solve puzzles and complete channels to progress.

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