What if all the essential files, photos or videos on your system disappears? Well, no less than a disaster. You do not need to worry anymore as the new Macrium Reflect software comes to your rescue. In other words, it is a complete disaster control backup and cloning software. Macrium Reflect uses image-based backup and compression system that allows accurate and reliable retrieval of your information.

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In case of partial or complete data loss, you can use the hard disk’s image stored by Macrium Reflect backup your files and folders. Firstly, Macrium Reflects allows you to store entire partitions or individual files or folders into a single compressed archive file. Therefore, this software restores the correct and exact image of a hard disk, and then, you can recover your data. In addition, Macrium reflect allows the user to mount the image over windows drive for easy use in future.

Every useful information in your device gets saved in these recoverable files provided by Matrium Reflect. In conclusion, with the image-based and unique compression technique in this software, users can be totally carefree about the data. To know more about the exciting features of Matrium Reflect, check out the next section.

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Key Features of Matrium Reflect

All our systems are full of the huge influx of data. Even though they are very important for our professional or personal lives, yet we are sometimes unable to store them efficiently. For instance, just the thought of losing all this information scares us. To ensure safety and reliable backup service, one of the best software available today is Matrium Reflect. 

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Data security and integrity

Matrium reflect is fully equipped with technology that takes a constant and detailed image of your hard disk. Also, it uses the leading compression technique to provide recovery files based on these images. You no longer need to worry about the security of your data. Do not compromise and wait for the disaster to happen; its the right time to choose Matrium Reflect and protect your essential information.

Step by step operation

Matrium Reflect follows a step by step procedure to protect and backup your files. It uses intuitive wizards and smooth interfaces to restore the images. It is highly portable and integrates with other platforms. In other words, a simple right-click allows you to create a partition image of the hard disk using Matrium reflect software.

Easy Recovery

You can create a virtual drive on your windows and recover the desired files or directories. In the case of total system loss, it allows you a total reflect recovery option as well. The images can be scheduled to run to automate the process. In addition, a provides proper disk management facilities is provided. Therefore, the optimization of the available space is guaranteed.

How To Install Matrium Reflect on Windows

This very useful software can be installed in your device by following the steps listed below.

Installation Steps

  1. Firstly, open the web browser in your device and download the Matrium Reflect installation file from the link available on this webpage.
  2. You can save the file in the downloads or any other folder in your device.
  3. After the file is downloaded, you need to open the file and run it.
  4. Next, mark the free/trial button if you do not want to purchase the software else enter the license key obtained during purchase.
  5. In conclusion, follow the instruction that appears on the pop-up installation window to select the desired location for Matrium Reflect in your system, then click next and proceed until finish option arrives.
Download for Windows

Hurray! The Macrium Reflect software is now downloaded in your device and ready to use. Dive right in!

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