The Legend of Heroesis an interesting, adventurous, and imagination-based video game series. The first record of the series being released was in 1989. The story centers around a prince named Logan of the Farlalyne Castle and his friends. He traveled across the globe to reclaim his rightful realm and punish his father’s assassins. 

As the game proceeds, all the spooky characters like the wizard, monsters, and dragons astonishes the player. Since the game is party-oriented, players can take control of a group of characters when they are in turn-based battles. It encourages players to take advantage of elemental weaknesses, damage types, items, and strategies to overcome challenges. 

The Legend of Heroes ROM
The Legend of Heroes ROM

There is a variety of legend of heroes series games available now. The advancement in graphical designs and storylines which engage the players has been the main focus of the developers. The game uses unique gameplay so the more you play it, the more weaknesses you will discover of your enemies in the game.

What Game emulator to use to run this ROM?

To play The Legend of Heroes game series on your desired devices, you will need to choose a suitable Playstation Portable(PSP) emulator for your device and download it. For Windows, you can choose from JPCSP r1880d18, PSPE 0.9b, PCSP 0.5.5, PPSSPP 1.9.3, etc. In case of Mac, PPSSPP v1.6.3-456-g6d0ed4ad0 is available and for android users, you can select PPSSPP 1.9.4 APK emulator.

Three Related Games

Among various Legend of Heroes game series, here are few interesting ones to check out. You can enjoy playing with them too.

The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch

Settled in the era of “Gagharv Trilogy”, this is the end sequence of the era. The story is about a girl with silver hair and crystal eyes who traveled around Tirasweel. She could cast a glance into the future. She would receive praise from people for her good prophecies but when she gave out bad prophecies, she was called ‘The moonlight Witch’. Once, she disappeared and left many questions behind. A young boy named Julio and his childhood friend Christina were traveling around Tirasweel to accomplish their pilgrimage and unravel the mystery of the moonlight witch.

The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

With respect to the era of “Gagharv Trilogy”, it marked the second entry. It was earlier released for Microsoft Windows in 1999 and was refitted for Playstation Portable in 2006. The plot is framed in the city of Weltluna, the third realm in Gagharv. It centres around Forte the protagonist, Una the heroine and McBain, Forte’s grandfather and a veteran troubadour with their quest to seek Leone’s Resonance Stones. Throughout Weltluna, there are shining tuning forks. They are big yellowish forks that Forte can play which will teleport you to the transfer zone. There are three oracles. In the middle, you can play special scenarios.

The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

The fourth chapter of the Legend of Heroes series and the first in the “Gagharv Trilogy” takes place in the fictional and mysterious land of El Phildin, fifty-six years before “Moonlight Witch”. The story begins with an insight into the past. Two orphan children, Avin the protagonist, and Eimelle the modest sweet girl were having a stay in Cathedral. Avin was 8 while Eimelle was 7 years old. The two kids and their oracle attempt an escape but are captured by Bellias. Gawaine, the “Sage of power,” fights to avert the magical attack. The plot is very thrilling and interesting. You transport into a magical realm as you use spells and get into witch fights.

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