Are you tired of switching consoles and relaunching your old school games in your device? We all need organised platforms for easy access to our requirements. For a vivid game player or someone who loves playing games, you must have encountered the situation where your system is piled up with ROMs and emulators. To resolve this, we present you an efficient and organised gaming library application, ‘LaunchBox’ for your device.

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LaunchBox is a Graphical user interface that allows you to organise all the games, console ROMs and emulators at one place in your system. Embedded with a plethora of additional attributes, the main feature of LaunchBox is to allow easy and one place access to all your games. It is similar to a library of books. Using LaunchBox, you can create the genre, date of download, size, etc. filters for your games.

To enjoy easy switch between different games and consoles, you do not need to relaunch several applications and wait for them to open. LaunchBox allows easy switching, and it is the best game managing portal. To know more about the app, read our next section about its features and how to install it in your device.

Key Features of LaunchBox

LaunchBox supports with a variety of accessibility tools and cool features. The application has a premium subscription method to upgrade to higher and sophisticated tools, but the free version also provides an astounding set of management peculiarities.

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Game Library Organisation

The LaunchBox library is very advanced and manageable. It collects all the games, ROMs, Emulators, etc. on your device and stores it in an easily accessible library at one place. The library will have columns for games and other related pieces of stuff in your PC. You do not need to search and open different folders to access your desired application.

The Game Launcher

LaunchBox provides a single platform to launch all kinds of game in your device, but you need to link the emulators to LaunchBox before actually starting the game. The managing attributes associated with LaunchBox allows you to sort your games and ROMs as per your convenience. Date modified, file size, alphabet, genre, etc. are some options, for instance.

Link and access

One of the accessible gaming sources is Steam. LaunchBox allows you to link your Steam account with LaunchBox and you can shift all your games from Steam library to LaunchBox. Recently, LaunchBox also has allowed users to collaborate with EmuMovies and enjoy features like screenshots, video streaming, and many more.

How To Install LaunchBox on Windows 10

Among the variety of options available to install this app in your device, two of the simple and easy ones are listed below.

Installing App Manually

  1. Firstly, open the web browser in your device and download the LunchBox installation file from the link available on this webpage.
  2. You can save the file in the downloads or any other folder in your device.
  3. After the file is downloaded, you need to open the file to begin the installation process.
  4. Follows the instruction that appears on the pop-up installation window to select the desired location for LaunchBox in your system, then click next and proceed until finish option arrives.
  5. The LaunchBox icon is now displayed on your desktop and ready to use.

Installing App using Windows Store

This method is also very easy and convenient. You need to first open the windows store from the taskbar at the bottom or desktop widget. Then search for LaunchBox 2020, and you will see the name along with its icon. Click on it to download it and follow the same steps as mentioned above to enjoy using it.

Download for Windows

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