If you want to experience a high-end Sci-Fi horror adventure game, then you can go for Kojouji. It is an exceedingly thrilling and tense game that will keep you at the edge of your sit. While playing Kojouji, you need to enter into a mysterious place. This filthy site is full of massive slimy worm monsters who look horrible because of their gigantic teeth.


As you start the game, you are given the role of a detective. The job of the detective is to investigate and find out about a man who has disappeared of late. The man is in the post of security personnel at a factory. As the detective investigates, he discovers that the factory is merely a set up for hiding the truth of a secret underground facility.

Being the detective, you have to visit the facility in order to reveal further details about the facility. You need to look for a way to enter the facility. But the main obstacle that you will come across is that the place is highly toxic. The air in the facility is contaminated with toxic gases, inhaling, which may prove to be extremely harmful to you. Not to forget the terrible man-eating worms slithering silently in utter darkness.

Game Runtime

At present, the exhilarating game has a gameplay of about twenty minutes. But you can also complete it much faster. The time you spend here depends on the entrance you choose to enter into the deadly underground facility. The game is a highly intoxicating concoction of scavenging, riddles, and puzzle-solving and escaping those monstrous and grotesque man-eating worms. Kojouji aims to be a three-hour-long game. You can experience different types of endings to the game, depending on your choice and gameplay.

The entire game gives you a spine chilling experience. The nerve-wracking set up can soon get hold of you. The only sign of relief is that the gigantic man-eating worms are quite slow. But there is absolutely no need to get fooled by their slow pace.

Their slow speed means that they are capable of easily sneaking up on you. So, if you find yourself surrounded by multiple monstrous worms, then you know that you are in trouble.

The makers of Kojouji has made the audio with utmost precision. It can get onto your nerves, actually! It will keep you perturbed throughout your gameplay. The disquiet atmosphere, infested by the pesky monstrous worms, will give you a nightmare.

Talking about the video, you will be stupefied by the video quality. The monsters and the alienesque nest, from where they hatch, requires a special mention. The audio and video quality together make the game extremely addictive.

The full game size is about 4.6 GB. Also, the game is currently compatible with Windows x64. The game is still under development, and the full version will be available soon. But it will be a paid version.

If you love Sci-Fi themes and you are fond of horror-based, adventurous games, then this one is definitely for you. Gamers around the world are going crazy for Kojouji. You can give it a shot too!

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