Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is a platform video game that was released in 2004 by Nintendo for Game Boy Advance. The game takes place in the Mirror World that is a part of the Dream Land where all wishes reflected in the mirror come true and the Amazing Mirror is stored here. When a reflected dark world gets created, Kirby has to find the pieces of the Meta Knight who is the only one that can save the world from this doom.

FULL NAME:Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
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This game in the Kirby series has an amazing maze layout and can be explored in a similar style as the Metroid games. There is also a game map available that Kirby can access to reach any location except for the final sequence. In this game, the player controls Kirby and has to explore the worlds, solve puzzles, collect items, and defeat enemies to progress.

When an enemy is encountered, the player has no option but to defeat the boss because the screen gets locked every time. You can also collect different items to improve your performance and you can access minigames also. This game can be played as a co-op multiplayer game as well which will result in faster game completion.

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What Game Emulator to Use to Run this ROM?

You can run Kirby and the Amazing Mirror ROM on any device as long as you have downloaded the right Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator. There are different GBA emulators available for different devices so make sure you download the right one. For Windows, you can check out GBA emulators like VBA-M 2.0.2, BatGBA 2.2.5b, BoycottAdvance 0.2.8, etc. For MAC, you can download GMA emulator VisualBoyAdvance 2.0.2.

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