Mac OS is capable of handling any command-line task you give to it. Hence, it requires good terminal application support. iTerm 2 is an alternative and better version of iTerm. It is an open-source free terminal emulator that offers users a robust search tool. It provides an auto-complete command function to save your time. The other feature is that it can customise and use multiple panes in independent sessions. iTerm2 also has multiple profile support and other customisation features. Thus, in this article, you will find 10 Best alternatives to iTerm 2 for your device.

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10 Best Alternatives for PC and Mac


Alacritty is also a cross-platform terminal emulator with very high performance and user-friendly design. It has the ability to use the system’s GPU to accelerate its performance. It is complete free of cost and an open-source application for Mac OS.


TreeTerm provides combinational support to the users by serving as a file manager as well as a terminator. The file tree and terminal tab are always in sync with each other. The application is available for free for a trial period of 30 days. Next,it charges a one-time payment after the trial ends.


Zoc has powerful features. It is recognised as a professional terminator emulator for Mac and Windows platforms. It has impressive abilities such as tabbed sessions with thumbnails. Zoc supports over 200 commands of scripting language. Zoc allows communications via several protocols. Alongside, the navigation tab has an address book, coloured folders, macro scripting, etc.

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MacTerm is a perfect replacement for the terminal application iTerm 2 for Mac OS systems. It is also free and open-source. It supports 24-bit colour, notifications and other customisation. Moreover, it allows floating command-line image sequences, etc. Also, it supports standard graphics protocols along with other cool features.


Byobu is an open-source free application. It is based on texts and acts as a terminal multiplexer and window manager. It has configuration utilities, convenient and easy-to-use keyboard with shortcuts, enhanced profiles and much more. Also,it displays the system status notification. 


Hyper is another beautifully designed fully customisable terminal emulator for Windows and Mac. It is written from the ground up in JavaScript. It provides a colourfully fragmented command-line interface to the users. Moreover, itis free and an open-source application.


Cathode is a similar terminal emulator application with a fully customisable and vintage-themed terminal interface. It is designed to accomplish the most complex command-line tasks conveniently. It has an artistic bright appearance with several styling options. Additionally, it also provides a mobile version for iOS.


Terminator provides a visually balanced emulator design. It has a grip formatted interface with more focus on arrangement. Its behaviour is based on the GNOME terminal with extra features for regular CLI users and system admins. Additionally, it is free to use and an open-source platform. It also contains simultaneous typing in arbitrary groups of terminals and tons of keyboard shortcuts.


Kitty is characterised by its speed and extensive features. Also, it is a GPU-based cross-platform terminal emulator. It supports startup sessions, tiling windows side by side, multiple copies and paste buffers, and so on. Moreover, it has native support for functions extension via Kitten’s plugin. Kitty allows focus tracking, OpenType ligatures, bracketed paste, and many such exciting features.


Cmder is one of the most popular portable terminal emulators for Windows OS. The software package presents Unix capabilities to windows by extending compatibility with PowerShell, Cygwin, MinTT, etc. Also, it is highly portable. It can run using a USB drive or cloud without installation. 

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