Are you annoyed by the upgrade to Windows 10 option popping up on your screen if you are using Windows 7 or 8? No more worries! The highly portable GWX Control Panel is here just for this. This is advanced software which is used to remove the upgrade to Windows 10 option from your system tray or the entire PC.

FULL NAME:GWX Control Panel
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Sometimes, when you are working on any scheduled task or project, this upgrade option showing characteristics of Windows 10 is very annoying. Use the GWX Control Panel to restrict these updates permanently. The platform has a very easy to use interface and replaces the need for installing the application. In other words, it is light-weighted and can be used just by downloading.

This software is minimal in size and does not require any such additional disk space. Therefore, it will provide you with the option to choose whether you need to hide the popup or delete it. The application also allows you to re-enable the GWX after following some elementary steps. It also prevents the automatic upgrades happening via windows update. You can check out its features in the section below.

Key Features of AdwCleaner

GWX Control Panel is an open software that manages your GWX on Windows 7 or 8. Read the distinctive features of the app below.

Ultimate Outsider: GWX Control Panel 1.7 User Guide
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Permanent solution

There are undoubtedly other similar applications available. These applications only restrict the upgrade popup until you restart your device or download any other windows update. However, GWX Control panel allows you to permanently delete or hide the windows 10 upgrade popup from your system.

Safe and Secure

GWX Control Panel is very safe to use. It does not make any changes in any other files without seeking permission from the user. Some other applications are very unsafe to use because they make the changes to the wrong files or folders, causing undesired behaviour of the system. So, you need to choose the GWX Control Panel for safety and convenience.


Before removing any additional files, the software always asks for your approval. It gives a final choice to the users. As you will run the program, it will ask you to select between hiding or delete option. The application is digitally signed, free and easy to use.

How to install AdwCleaner in your windows PC?

GWX Control Panel is portable software. You do not need to install it explicitly. Follow the steps below.

Installation Steps

1. Firstly, open the web browser in your device and download the GWX Control Panel file from the link available on this webpage.

2. You can save the data in the downloads or any other folder in your device.

3. After the file is downloaded, you need to run it.

4. Select the language and mark the I agree to the terms and conditions option in the popup bar.

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Your application is all set. You can continue to work on windows 7 or windows 8 without any hassle.

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