Digital note-making is the new normal for professionals, students and all others. Due to the pandemic, we are restricted to use software like Goodnotes for the handwritten-like experience. Good notes is a premium application that will give you a very close pen and paper type note-making experience. It has the added benefit of saving your data in the cloud and multimedia support. However, it has been designed exclusively for iOS users and if you are using Windows or Android, you need to look for some alternatives. In this article, we have collected the top 10 alternatives for Goodnotes software for windows and macOS users.

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10 Best Alternatives for PC and Mac


Notability is a very popular note-making application and a good alternative for Goodnotes. Those who wanted to get rid of the premium paid system of Goodnotes should definitely try out Notability. Notability offers several advantages such as voice-over recording for lectures, split-screen view, handwriting recognition, etc. It supports iCloud and Apple pencils. 


Xournal is an open-source application that works on Windows, Linux and OSX. It has a simple interface with a ruled notebook-like theme. The application is easy-to-use and provides real-like handwriting notes experience. The written notes are customisable as it allows you to change the thickness, colour, canvas colour, etc. of your notes. 


Notejoy is a collaborative note-taking application that offers a variety of services. You can easily connect with your team and share your ideas using live room server. It enables you to capture images efficiently and decode them into notes. You can also embed Microsoft docs, Google docs, videos, PDFs, audios, etc. to notes. The application is fully customisable with syntax highlighting features.


Developed by Microsoft, OneNote is an extensive application that will help you evolve and develop with your creative ideas. You can easily share notes using OneNote users or over the internet. OneNote allows you to annotate your notes using a stylus pen or your fingers. You can easily add online videos, audios, files, etc. to your notes.

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Metamoji Note:

Metamoji Note is a powerful application that works on Windows, Android and iOS. You can add notes using the text field. The application allows you to change the colour, thickness, and other aspects of the handwriting themed notes. You need to enable cloud sync facility to sync your notes to the Metamoji Note server and save them for future use.


Squid is a productive note-making application for PC and Android users. You have different page ruling options, canvas sizes, brush colour, text-width, etc. Squid also has a handy PDF notation feature that lets you import PDFs and write on them. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that supports all format of texts. A premium plan of 1 Dollar per month is also available.

Google Keep:

Google keep is one of the best note-making software application that is available on the web and has mobile apps for Android and iOS users. It allows you to create your desired notes, set reminders within the application, and recheck your completed tasks. You can also add your instructor or collaborator to your project file. It will sync data automatically to your laptop, watch, tablet, etc.


Zotero is a software that enables you to collect, organize as well as share research and projects. It can be accessed on Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. It has the ability to automatically sense research data and allows you to sort your notes using tags and keywords. You can create bibliographies and references easily using this application. It will keep your data safe and secure.


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The notion is an impressive note-taking and project management application. It can be integrated with databases and tasks. It also offers an embedded spreadsheet to keep a record of your work. More than 30 forms of media can be included in the notes on this application. It has a calendar and list view to easily manage the tasks. It has a powerful feature of integration with other apps.


Fiinote is a great alternative for Goodnotes and one of the best freemium applications for note-making. You can expect a notebook like an interface with handwriting texts and several customisation features. In the Android version, you can write anywhere on the screen and it will automatically scale it down within the ruling boundaries. 

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