Technical content writing has been a less-known industry however, there are several passionate people operating within the documentation of different software and services. GitBook is a service for technical writing however, it is equally helpful for a fiction author. GitBook makes use of the git version control system to maintain track of changes within the document. Using this application, you and your team can work together on a project.

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It also has a subscription purchase pack to enjoy more benefits. The paid version permits you to collaborate with your friends and invite them to edit your work furthermore. It is worth noting that eligible open-source or non-profit projects will get 50% off while purchasing the subscription. You’ll like better to produce a public area or a personal area reckoning on, however, you would like to allow access to the data you’re acting on. The article will present the best 10 alternatives for Gitbook to you.

10 Best Alternatives for PC and Mac


Bibisco is an application assisting you to write stories, novels, or any technical document. It has a user-friendly interface and you can create characters easily. The working principle of the application is to ask questions to the author regarding the story and characters. And, based on these questions, the application will recommend proper plans, designs, character’s terminology and help you to develop a solid background.


Manuskript is another writing-based web tool. This application focuses on outlining. By looking at the detailed outline tool, you can see at what stage your novel has reached and what characters are involved. It allows you to easily rearrange chapters. It utilises the advanced snowflake method to help you build your novel. Lastly, it offers other tools such as frequency analyzer, distraction-free writing mode, etc.


Espanso is an open-source text expander tool. It will assist you to improve your text by providing keyword analysis. The application provides offline support and customisation features. For instance, you can add the frequently used words in a custom keyboard. In conclusion, it offers a lot of features to make your writing convenient, creative and free from errors.

KIT Scenarist:

KIT Scenarist offers a full-fledged solution for the users involved in script or playwriting. It is widely used by professionals for screenwriting. This is because it offers a lot of features that include manage cards, frame new cards, get analysis of your work, and organize all your research materials to one place. It offers a simplistic and convenient graphical user interface.


Ghostwriter allows you to use the Markdown language to create documents. It is one of the best alternatives for GitBook, having a distraction-free markdown editor by design. The exportable formats such as HTML, Word, ODT, PDF, Epub, and more such formats. There are several themes in the application to suit your writing style.

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Scribus is a free and open-source desktop application for creating technical or fictional content. You can use Scribus for a plethora of work such as layout the finished book, work on publishing a print-ready magazine, technical documentation, etc. It has tools for powerful vector drawing and analysis. It supports a huge number of file types and formats.


Markdown is a formatting syntax tool and best alternative for GitBook. It allows you to write your documents or stories in a normal desktop text editor. Later on, you can convert it to any document format. The user can add symbols in the document for specifications. This is necessary because it prevents you from being locked into one program or file format. 


AsciiDoc is a document formatting application that serves as an alternative for GitBook. Similarly, AsciiDoc has many embedded features such as footnotes, tables, cross-references, embedded YouTube videos, and much more. It can be used in the creation of many styles of content. For instance, notes, documentation, articles, books, e-books, slideshows, web pages, man pages, etc.


LaTeX is a document analysis tool that gives your content a high readability score. The application has various algorithms and score techniques to align your document according to the structure of the central nervous system of humans. While this system was created for scientific papers, it can be used to create novels, comics, scripts, and many other document styles. You can easily add references in the document using LaTex.

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The draft is one of the best software for collaborating with friends or mates. It creates a new copy of the document each time a collaborator adds something to the existing document.  Finally, it is up to the owner to accept or reject the edits. You can share your work easily as it will give you a unique URL for your document. It supports several formals and document types.

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