When it comes to gaming, be it an online game or video games, what comes in our mind is the thought of either action or fighting games or organizing games such as cooking or dress up. No doubt that these were the two types of genres we had in the past. However, things have changed and advanced. With the advancement of technology, we have access to a whole new variety of games with us. Be it romance, action, organizing, thriller one can try his or her hands on any genre at any time and anywhere.

FULL NAME:Zero Deaths
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The game Zero Deaths is an action game that is unique and different as it is meme-filled. The game follows the PewDiePie, as we can see a comeback of his from Sub-Bot War, which took place in 2019. Play fan games are not considered very new in the industry.

But the game, Zero Deaths, is a stunning one. The premium feature of this game is that it provides voice acting, which is done by PewDiePie all by himself. Thomas Brush, who is also the developer of Pinstripe, has created this game.

He was the one who went on to dare PewDiePie to dare him to make an exciting game in just 14 days. This action platform, which has been made in a concise span of time is commendable, and only contains some very minor bugs.

Download for Windows

The game takes place in a world of post-apocalyptic, which was directly thrown in disarray. This happened when in 2019, T-Series had defeated PewDiePie. The game symbolizes a world that is full of dead memes, bots that are deadly, and a world that is desolate. As and when the player makes his space towards the world, one will get to fight many enemies out there or collect money with which one can earn rewards In the form of new powers and abilities. The process of obtaining cash is not optional; rather, it is mandatory. One will need to collect a lot of money to be able to make his way through all of the levels.

There is no game that can be adequately perfect, and like others, even this game has a few edges which are rough. More or less, according to a solo project made in two weeks, the game has done a superb job. The visuals of the game are very relaxed and chic, which captivate the player. It is also a super-challenging game which is mind-boggling at the same time.

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