To know what is an XviD Player, we need to know what an XviD codec is. It is basically a free video codec developed as an alternative to commercially used codecs. Initially, it was built as an open-source project. But later, it became so popular that it began to replace the traditionally used DVD codec i.e. DivX. What makes it so popular you ask? There are a lot of features that culminate into a winning combination. Some of these features are its portability, flexibility, the fact that it is open source and takes less space in the memory storage. It doesn’t compromise on the video quality nor does it affect non-XviD formatted videos. Moreover, it is quite lightweight, which means that it doesn’t use much of the CPU resources. All in all, XviD Player has grown to become the most popular video codec used in today’s time.

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Key Features Of XviD Player

Easy-To-Use Interface
The interface, although a bit bland to look at, is quite simple to use. Don’t let the colours throw you off. What XviD player lacks in appeal; it duly makes up for it in functionality. Go to your videos’ folder and choose any video you want. Make sure it is embedded with XviD codec however. Then double click the video and voila! The XviD player will run it for you. It comes with pause, forward, rewind, play and basically every option you will need on a media player

Create Playlists
Instead of individually clicking video files, you can have them run in a playlist. XviD player provides you with a playlist option that enables videos to run in an uninterrupted flow. So if you love binge watching TV shows or embarking on movie marathons, you can gladly do so using XviD’s playlist feature.

Download Free Xvid Player 1.0.0
Download for Windows

Carry It Everywhere
XviD Player doesn’t involve a complex installation process. You can literally store it in a flash USB, insert the USB in a different system than yours and it will still run. This portability feature truly makes XviD player one of a kind.

How To Download On System

It is important to know that the XviD players work only if the XviD codec works on the system. So when you are downloading players, you can play XviD videos only if the players have the codec embedded in them. Here is a link to a bunch of XviD supported players:

Now, we will look at how to download the standard XviD player.

  1. Go to the link This is a reliable site that provides a virus free download link to the XviD player.
  2. Click on the blue download button. An option box pops up, providing you with two download links to the player. Choose any one.
  3. Once you do, an exe file is downloaded on your system. Run this file the moment download finishes.
  4. In the setup window that pops up, follow the installation instructions until the very end. After this, the XviD player is downloaded to your system.
Download for Windows

Note: The same process can be used on both PC and Mac consoles.

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