Console gaming has taken off in recent times to offer the general public a unique take on traditional PC gamers. It’s quite the shift where PC gamers find unique ways to enhance their graphical and computational power while console gamers have stagnant/ specified specifications to work with. But if PC gamers ever wanted to use console controllers to play with their games on a computer, then it’s all possible through one application. Check it out. 


What is Xinput?

Xinput is an emulator that helps set up a stable connection of the Xbox controller to the computer wirelessly. Well, it eliminates any lengthy procedure as the software takes care of the rest. Similarly, those willing to play their PC games through a console controller can now do so through xinput. The application is available on Microsoft Windows. 

Note – computers running windows ten or higher can control Xbox controllers via Bluetooth directly without any application. 

Key features of the software

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Easy to set up. 

In other words, setting up the emulator is quite simple and easy. Simply connect the controller through the application and enjoy playing your favourite games extensively. 

Great customization features. 

To elaborate, users can fine-tune many things through the software, such as vibrations intensity, magnitude effect type and much more. 

Play games without interruptions. 

There are no interruptions whatsoever. Even the game’s primary window size reduces to ensure that you have adequate gaming experience and control different aspects of the controller setting to fine-tune your gaming experience simultaneously. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the installation file of the software. 

Get the necessary installation files for the software from its official website or any third-party website. 

  • Install it. 

Run. Virus scan and then open the installer. So, set it up and install the game by following the procedure as prompted on your screen. 

  • Have fun. 

Enjoy using your controller with your desired games on your computer after a successful installation. 

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