Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment, developed by Apple Inc, designed for software development for Mac OS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, etc. This software was first released in the year 2003. The recent release of Xcode for mac OS Catalina users is free of charge. 

FULL NAME:Xcode for Windows
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What is Xcode?

Programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java, Apple-Script, Ruby, Python, and Swift. Support for GNU Pascal, Free Pascal, and GO has been added by a third-party. It is an IDE so it has all the tools to create an application like compile, bug, and more. The UNIX style development can be enabled using the Command Line Tool (CLT), which can be downloaded and installed without the main IDE.

The dark Xcode interface makes the users’ code more attractive and beautiful. The design matches the dark interface of the Mac which includes all the icons, and even the Jump Bar. The app has a quite fast source code editor. You can smoothly scroll off even when editing huge source files. Smooth animations are used throughout. A place where a team of developers can work together is called source control. Xcode can work directly with a lot of different platforms which include Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket Cloud. Also to make a workflow environment more secure and safe the software is capable of generating an SSH key, which the users can upload on the server.

List of Features of Xcode

  • Apple TV and tvOS:- A new interface language TVML, an interface code like that of XML that between that of the TV screen and native code. A lot of features that are available in iOS are also in tvOS.
  • UI Testing:- With the latest inclusion of the UI Testing the new Xcode supports DevOps and a scalable DevOps can be managed by continuous integration. 
  • On-Device Development:- With this feature developers can connect any device and run your build on it without worrying about the device compatibility, which makes the development whole lot easier. 
  • Game Development:– The Gameplay kit makes it easier for game developers to build games for iOS devices. The ReplayKit can be added to view the replay of the game.
Download for Windows
  •  Swift UI:- Using the swift codes layouts can be created easily. The real app life interface is shown by the Xcode as the users edit the Swift File. Animations and stuff can be added easily.
  • Minimap:- An awesome looking Minimap is provided on the side of the users’ code. Using this feature users’ can go through codes very easily and swiftly. 
  • Rich Documentation:- The documentation looks quite better with newer versions with much bolder texts which is quite visible in the minimap section. 
  • Transform iPad Apps to Mac:- Using this software users can easily transfer or port software from iPad to Macs easily. Users can do so by going to the Project Managers and checking the relevant boxes there.

How to Download and Install Xcode for Windows PC using Virtual Box

  • Download and install Virtual Box onto your computer. Set up Virtual Box and install it onto a drive with lots of free hard disk space.
  • Download a copy of the macOS Sierra onto your computer and extract the contents.
  • Open Virtual Box and select New to create the VM.
  • Give it a meaningful name.
  • Set the Guest OS as Apple Mac OS X and the version as Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12.
  • Allocate as much memory as you can and select create a virtual disk now.
  • Select Create.
  • Select the new virtual disk and select Settings.
  • Remove the Hard disk and select Use an Existing Virtual Disk.
  • Navigate to your download of Sierra and select the Sierra.vmdk file.
  • Navigate to Documents\Virtual Machines in Windows Explorer and right-click the VMX file.
  • Paste ‘smc.version = “0” ‘ to the end of the file and save it.
  • Select the System tab in Settings and make sure that Floppy is not checked and in the Acceleration tab, check the box next to Intel VT-x.
  • Select OK to leave Settings and select the green Start arrow to load the VM.
Download for Windows

So now you should have a working copy of the macOS Sierra running in a VM within Windows. Now, there are still a couple of things to do before we get Xcode up and running.

How to Run the Xcode Application

  1. Open Terminal within your Apple VM
  2. Type ‘./vmware-resolutionSet 1920 1080’ to set a usable resolution.

Now your Apple desktop should be much more usable. Now you can purchase and download a copy of the Sketch from the App Store.

  1. Open your macOS Sierra VM and select the Apple icon in the top left.
  2. Select App Store and perform any system updates listed there.
  3. Search for Xcode and select Get. Let it download and install it onto your computer.

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