Notepad for windows has undoubtedly taken the typing and documentation world by storm. It’s the simple nature of writing down things and ensuring that it helped in web development helped immensely. But as technology improved and the coding power revolutionized computing forever, there was a brief change encountered to the traditional notepad of the Windows XP era. Check it out. 

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What is WordPad?

WordPad is the evolution of notepad that comprises much better features and settings. The entire user interface is revamped with a lot more functionality and productivity settings. The software was a boost to coding and jotting down necessary points. It supports complete Unicode and natively supports RTF. The app is free to use on all Microsoft Windows operated systems. 

Key features of the software. 

A plethora of new features. 

There are several new features that users can make use of such as the addition of photos, paints, insertion of objects, font editing and much more. 

Revamped user interface. 

Windows 7 Gives WordPad A New Life - Next of Windows
Download for Windows

The interface for the old version of notepad was quite dull and just offered a plain page for typing. Here, things are much better in providing several tools in the starting page with complete customizability and editing features. 

Great support. 

The application is entirely supported by Microsoft providing robust real-time updates and support. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the application installation files. 

Multiple sites are hosting the installation files of WordPad. Get the latest version for your computer that you wish to install. 

Install it. 

Open the downloaded files and open the installer. Install the application by following the on-screen set of instructions. 

Have fun using it. 

Use it to the fullest extent one installed successfully. 

How to download and install it on macOS?

Get the DMG files. 

Head onto any third party app hosting site, and you should find this application installation file. Download it. 

Download for Windows

Install it. 

Once downloaded, then open it and install it in the Applications folder. Follow all the steps to get a successful installation. 


Use the application right from the dock or from the app preview screen once installed. 

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