WinMTR is a diagnostic tool that conveniently traces the path of packets flowing from host networks to other networks. Windows developed this tool for absolutely free. The network traceroute as well as its ping functions culminated into one lightweight utility package.  Since it is a free Windows application, there are no prerequisites to look out for. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can download and run the application on your system. It is extremely efficient in making thorough traffic analysis in different networks. You get a clear cut view of how the packets are sent out to different networks as well as how they arrive at their destination. You get notified if these packets are trimmed or lost along the way. Basically, it enables you with a hawk view of all the network paths that exist between networks.


Key Features Of WinMTR

Customisable Settings
The WinMTR does not insist on following default setting values. The user can change them according to his wishes. Configure the ping size, host number and refresh rates. WinMTR can automatically resolve packet names for you if you are unable to do it yourself. This way, every packet will have its unique ID and name in the network frame.

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Extensive Reports
Every little deflection that takes place in the network is duly recorded. This includes loss of transmission, change in bandwidth and failure of the network to process incoming packets. WinMTR collects this data into one compact table for the user to go through. 

Export Trace Results
Obtain the results of network transmission in neat columns and rows. These tables include details about ID number, values of transmission rates (best and worst values) and percentage of packets lost. Export these tables in the format you want. It can be.HTML, .TXT, or .XLS. Once you save these files, they will be logged into the Windows Registry. The only way to get rid of these logs is by completely uninstalling the software itself.

How To Download On PC

Since WinMTR is a freeware MS tool, it can be downloaded easily on your PC console. It is a must have tool, especially if you work in the field of networking. Just follow the instructions below to understand how the download process works.

  1. It is best to download the application from its official site  Download the zip folder by following the instructions on the site.
  2. Once your zip folder is downloaded, extract its contents to desktop or any other location. 
  3. Among these contents, you will find a file bearing the .exe extension. Double click it to start running it.
  4. In the setup window that opens, follow the installation instructions until you hit the ‘Install Now’ button.
  5. In another few minutes, WinMTR is downloaded on your PC system. To run it, double click its icon that you will ideally find on the desktop.

Unfortunately, WinMTR is not downloadable on Mac. But there are great alternatives to it that you can try instead. You can go through them by clicking the link below: 

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