Working for long hours and always staring at the screen is not only being cumbersome and tedious but hazardous towards health as it can harm the eyes. But not anymore! Enhance your working experience, maintain your work-life balance, and make the work hours enjoyable only with Windows FX.


Windows FX is a revolutionary program that has the potential to transform your windows operating system into something more exciting and unforgettable. With polished and authentic features, it aims to give the windows the wow factor with added stunning designs and features. 

It not only maximizes productivity but also makes the work experience more aesthetic without becoming a hurdle in the system’s run time.

Along with improving the visual quality and making the experience more appealing, it also helps you focus on what is vital with options to control background windows and desktop icons at your own will.

One of the prime features in WindowsFX version 3.0 is that it has an updated windows configuration through which all the available options can be easily viewed, accessed, and can be changed at any time according to what the user needs. A friendly wizard is there to assist the user to set up the program, and there you go- Ready to sprinkle some pixie dust on the bland windows version and give it a visual overhaul.

With your eyes glued to the screen for a surplus amount of time, this software will make the time worth it as it allows you to add an unprecedented number of special effects, aesthetic designs, and features which best suits those who wish to add a splash of creativity in their online working experience. This software is also able to detect graphic hardware automatically and suggests changes to enhance the same for an even better and feature-rich experience. Like a personal advisor and assistant to guide you and assist you in making your work experience more enriching and ensuring a smooth workflow all along, WindowsFX is something you should try as it is guaranteed to enhance your experience and take it to the next level.

Key Features

Mentioned below are some of the principal and prime features of the WindowsFX, which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

●     Special features

It has true, alpha blended shadows under windows. The program wizard assists the user and makes the setup easier.

Windowsfx Operational System

●     Transition effects

It has a series of transition effects along with opening and closing effects.

●     Personalized effects

Special effects for the desktop icons, menus, star bars, title bars, etc. along with allotting different colours to it 

●     Colours and lighting effects

It also can apply light sources to different coordinates on the desktop to highlight various features on the windows.

●     Animations

One can hide the icons when not in use to remain work-oriented. In addition to this, there is a feature that adds momentum to the workflow by adding movements and other effects. 

How to download WindowsFX free edition:

  1. Go to the website
  2. On top of the page click on “WindowsFX 10.7” under the Downloads tab.
  3. From here you’ll be redirected to the Downloads page. The “Download free edition” section will be available as you scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on “fill this form” to receive the download link for the software in your mail.
  5. You will have to click on the “Contact Form” tab that is visible on the new page that opens. Fill up the form and submit it.
  6. You will automatically receive the download link for Linuxfx 10.7 Plasma Edition and Linuxfx Cinnamon Edition.a

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