The operating system is the backbone of any computer system. Their absence reciprocates to a—worthless computer system. But then throughout age and time, there has been one particular operating system that has stood out from the rest. Yes, you guess it right, it none other than windows. But then the version up for discussion here is subjective to a mixed region of criticism and appraisal. Read more to find out which version of windows we are discussing. 

FULL NAME:Windows Vista
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What is windows 7?

Windows 7 is the upgrade from Windows XP. It’s an operating system that brings about multiple changes to the overall user interface and performance as well. It’s designed to be compatible with both professional and personal usage. The primary reason why it was acclaimed to be the best was the seamless integration of the software and the hardware. It bought about significant changes such as stable configurations, administrative controls and much more. 

Key features of the software. 

User interface. 

The overall user interface was cleaned up and poised into appealing towards a more significant market. It ensured that the user felt welcomed and flexible in making changes and offered a deep integration of customizations as well. 

Desktop icons. 

Windows Vista | Extended Support Expires in April 2017 | IT Pro
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There were little gadgets that could be placed on the desktops to view the time or the latest news or score updates as well. It’s quite impressive what you could do with the user interface. 

Media player. 

The entire media player is revamped with a newer user interface and brings compatibility with Xbox 360 and other media players.  


There is no need to download any additional files from the web as all the updates were carried out through the control panel, making it a one-stop-shop for all update centric solutions. 

Multiple languages.

The OS provided multiple speed detection features which helped in changing the entire language of the operating system and understanding different languages as well. 

DVD burner. 

The software brought its very own DVD burner integrated into the operating system. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the operating system installation files. 

Get the latest version of the operating system, which is broadly available on multiple files. Ensure that you do a virus scan to ensure that it’s risk-free and doesn’t affect the operations of the computer. 

Install it. 

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Once downloaded, install the operating system, it should take a considerable amount of time depending upon your system configuration. Your computer may switch on and off multiple times before you get to use it. 


Upon successful installation, set up the operating system as per your preference and enjoy using the OS as per your choice. 

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