What is Windows Update Troubleshooter?

Windows Update Troubleshooter is free to use windows apps. When you try to install any latest update from Windows Update, you can sometimes get an error message or the window may crash. The windows update troubleshooter can resolve many of these issues by just a click of a button. Made for Windows 10, the Windows Update troubleshooter is a really helpful way to Troubleshoot your update problems. You don’t have to wait for hour’s for an update to begin. 

FULL NAME:Windows Update Troubleshooter
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With the constant and regular updates given out by Microsoft to add new OS features to Windows 10 and other security improvements, there could be many times an update would crash your system or would not even download. To combat this issue, Microsoft team developed this new software. This can allow users to troubleshoot any crash regarding any Microsoft update. No matter the problem, Microsoft updates troubleshooters will check for a variety of problems which can occur if your PC crashes during an update. It also saves your important data if you were working after leaving your update run in the background.

Features of Windows Update troubleshooter

Ease of use

When your Pc update crashes, You can easily use the Windows Update troubleshooter to get the error resolved. You need to open the Windows Update troubleshooter. Then select which operating system version you got the error on the option can range from Windows 10 to Windows 7. The Windows Update troubleshooter runs a variety of taxes on your computer to detect the root cause of your update problems. After detecting the problem, you can Select how you want to repair that problem. You can opt for automatic repair or the advanced repair which allows you to repair the problem manually.

Free to use

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The Windows Update troubleshooter is the ready-made program installed in the windows OS, meaning that you don’t need to worry whether or not when the Windows Update troubleshooter is installed on your PC or not. Most of the times when any of your updates crashes, you can easily find the Windows Update troubleshooter with the help of the popup that a lot of you do search for problems in that instant.

How to open the Windows Update troubleshooter for Windows 10.

1: after you get an update error press the start button and go to settings.

2: in the settings menu, go into the update and security menu and then the troubleshooting menu.

3: now under the get-up and running term select the Windows Update and run the troubleshooter.

4: Wait for the troubleshooter to run and fix your problem. then the troubleshooter will restart your update automatically and if not install your update.

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5: when the troubleshooter has finished working and the update has been installed, restart your PC as it is a good idea to restart it once an update has been completed. This ensures that the system closes with all updates and troubleshooters and is ready to be opened again for the next power-up.

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