Windows Photo Gallery is an application created by Microsoft for Windows software. It is one of the best developments that has been made by Microsoft. The application has many features that will make you admire it.

FULL NAME:Windows Photo Gallery
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Windows Photo Gallery is an image editor and image viewer that makes your work easy. Now, in simple steps, edit images on Windows 7 devices and get going with other work that needs your attention.

You can now use the many tools that Microsoft has included in the Windows Photo Gallery application. Is there a spot on the image that you are using? Does the background look dull? Did you get a red light spot on your eye in the image?

Now, fix all of these within a few clicks and make each photo Instagram ready. Several tools that make Windows Photo Gallery worth using. Let us know more about the application and how to go about it.

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Key Features of Windows Photo Gallery

Tools for Every Purpose 

The Windows Photo Gallery has multiple tools that make image editing very simple. Now you do not have to take extra pains to create an image so incredible. Just use them. There is also an auto-editing feature that makes the application fix issues like saturation and etc. As you go on looking at your vacation photos, go on editing them and making them look the way you want them to.

Social Media Like Features 

Do you often forget the location of a place you took a photo of? Were there many people from the office in the image? Windows Photo Gallery has a way to answer all these questions and fix them. You can tag people in the photo, you can add their names, and you can also notify the locations. You add the face recognition tool also to skip doing it again and again.

A Freeware Exclusive Application

The Windows Photo Gallery is a freeware application that has been designed especially for Windows users. The Windows Photo Gallery works on 32-bit operating systems as well as on 64-bit operating systems. It allows us to import both photo and video editing tools. It supports the following file types: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HD Photo, and GIF.

Steps to Download and Install Windows Photo Gallery on PC

Download for Windows

Check your application to find the Windows Photo gallery. It might come pre-installed with your PC. If you locate it, your job is done. If you do not, follow the steps given below to install the Windows Photo Gallery on your PC and edit images like never before.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Support page on the internet to download the Windows Photo Gallery application.
  2. Next, search for Windows Photo Gallery and click on the download button.
  3. Select the location where you want to save the image viewing and editing app on your Windows desktop or laptop.
  4. After saving the application, the download is over.
  5. Next, click on the Run button to start the installation of the Windows Photo Gallery.
  6. In the next window, only let the tick appear before the Windows Photo Gallery option. Deselect everything else.
  7. Now, on the You Are Almost Done page, deselect everything and click continue. You might want to select the last option – Improve Windows.
  8. It will now ask you to restart your device, do so. When it opens, you will see a page asking you to create an account on Windows Live. You do not need it unless you wish to publish photos online on the Microsoft website.

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