Windows defender is a next-generation anti-malware software created by Microsoft, which comes preinstalled in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. However, you must have come across it as if it is here for a couple of years, but its latest updates have taken Windows Defender to a whole new level, which is unmatchable for any anti-malware software. Today, where cyber crimes have approached a new level, the Windows defender has got to a higher one. This software provides you with the most reliable protection from almost all cyber threats and has consistently scored 100% in all types of malware protection tests.

FULL NAME:Windows Defender (64 Bit)

According to AV lab tests, Windows Defender protects your system against many dangerous viruses like Trojans, Ransomware, spyware, viruses, and other security threats that slow down your computer system or eat up your stored data and much more. The evaluation process has put Windows Defender among the top-ten reliable anti-malware software.

A very beneficial and needful benefit of Windows defender software is that it comes integrated with most of the windows, and it always stays on by default. If you want to download or install Windows Defender on your system, it can be done quickly without any difficulty. You don’t have to configure anything because the antivirus software starts working as soon as it is installed. But if you install third-party security, then also Windows defender goes dormant to avoid any conflicts. Microsoft has even gone into cross-platform protection with Microsoft defender ATP for Mac users, which is similar to Windows defender and gives you the same anti-malware protection for non-windows users.

The usability of Windows defender software is straightforward. Anyone who has used Windows native will find it very easy, clean, and precise, and those who have not used it will also find Windows Defender easy to install. It has all the necessary features enabled as default.


Windows Defender Antivirus can now run in a sandbox - Microsoft Security

  • Languages: – It has got master control over almost all the languages English, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese, and many more.
  • Automatic scanning:-It has got the fantastic automatic scanning feature which will scan your system time to time automatically. So you will not have to review it personally, and it will automatically remove all the threats to your system and protect your system from any malware which can slow down your system and destroy your files.
  • Blocking: – It’s an essential feature which will block any malware entering your system. Windows defender not only removes the malware but also prevents them from entering your system.
  • Offline scan: – It is an essential feature designed to handle the malware threats that do not show up in the routine scans. It leads to multiple reboots that your system for easy detection and removal of malware when they are defenseless.
  • Tamper protection:- It is an uncommon feature that will block all the hackers from turning off any cloud-based, real-time, and virus threat protection, which will help you secure your system fully from almost any kind of. So enjoy being secured with Windows defender.


Step 1:- Open any browser and search for windows defender.

Step 2:- Open the official page of the windows defender and start downloading.

Step 3:- Once downloaded, open the folder where it is downloaded and double-click on the file.

Step 4:- The installation box will appear. Click on install.

Step 5:- Follow the commands given on your screen and finally click on finish.

Step 6:- Your software is installed and ready to use, and it will start doing its job automatically.  

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