There always has been that misconception where when you download a new operating system and most of the times; it turns out to be a burnt version which may/may not work. Though one might suggest that it’s a better deed to download the operating system right off the official website, but then there are other ways where you can get the direct ISO file from the servers themselves. For this very instance, we are discussing getting Windows 10 from Microsoft but in an ISO file. 

FULL NAME:Windows 10 ISO

What is Windows 10 ISO downloader?

From the reminiscent of its name, the downloader helps in getting the authentic version of Microsoft Windows 10 on your computer. It’s directly connected to the Microsoft servers and will provide a legitimate version of the operating system. It works for Microsoft office as well and for previous generations of the office suite as well.  

Though it wouldn’t be able to download all versions of the operating system, then it does a fine job in getting the latest versions and also keeping the user updated with the latest of updates and other software. The application is only available for different versions of Microsoft Windows up to 7. 

Key features of the software. 

  • Simple and easy to use. 

The entire user interface is designed to ensure that anyone trying to get the latest version of the operating system doesn’t have to deal with complicated steps whatsoever. All the instructions are laid out in an organic manner that helps users to navigate effortlessly without any hassles. 

  • Multiple features. 

The software helps in getting different things done at the same time. Users can check either for the latest software in Windows 10 or for the latest Microsoft office edition to help get the best features frequently. 

  • Free. 

The application is entirely free of charge and doesn’t require any additional fees to use it. Once downloaded, use it as per your will and wish. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the installer of the software. 

The relevant files for the software can be downloaded from any third party website as many host the software. Download the latest version of the software. 

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, open the files and open the installer. Follow the given set of on-screen instructions and let the installer do its job of installing the software into the computer.  

  • Enjoy. 

After successful installation, use the software as per your preference. 

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