What is WINUSB?

WIN USB is a generic USB driver for operating system windows. Created by Microsoft, this generic USB driver started with the operating system Windows Vista but is also available for Windows XP. This USB driver was created for very simple devices which only used one application at a time. Examples of such simple devices include weather stations, Devices that need a firmware upgrade or only a diagnostic connection to function.


How does WIN USB work?

WIN USB works by enabling the application of a simple device to directly access the device through a set of simple software libraries. These libraries are helpful in providing access to all of the features of the device as they can be called the pipes of the device. WIN USB can also expose the client API. This can enable developers to work with USB devices using user mode. WIN USB I also used in USB MTP Devices instead of the original kernel-mode filter driver.

Advantages and disadvantages of WIN USB :


The advantages of WIN USB are that it does not require the user To have the prerequisite knowledge on how to write a driver. This means that WIN helps even a beginner to write a driver easily without any prerequisite knowledge which may be commonly required to do the task. Because of that, it can allow many more people to use the USB driver to speed up the development process.

The disadvantages of WIN USB can pop up after a long time of use. First of all, WIN USB can only allow simple devices that run only one application to function and develop also WIN USB does not support transfer prior to Windows 8.1. Other than windows WIN USB can also require a custom driver to operate depending on the operating system.

How to use WIN USB?

WIN USB can be installed from the various online sources, including its own official site provided by Microsoft. If looking for a saw in the version of the driver, You can also visit the many online sources regarding WIN USB to get the same. After downloading, you need to use WIN USB how you would a normal USB driver.

Reviews of WIN USB –

 WIN USB is rated pretty higher and has a lot of positive reviews, compared to its competitors in the USB driver market. When it was created, 10 years ago, it was the best USB driver for handling simple devices. The ease of use this driver provides is not available in any other drivers at this level.  With its unconventional approach, WIN USB can be regarded as one of the best USB drives. Its performance is also shown in its popularity. Even after a decade of use, WIN USB is still used which shows that it has not lost its glory.

 Now, more and more single-use devices are being discarded and much more advanced USB drivers are getting created which can provide support to not only single USB drivers, too many more devices than ever before. WIN USB is now slowly losing its popularity but it has served well for the time it was used.

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