Games, in general, have their way of enabling players to enjoy the different things that it has to offer. Let it be RPG, simulation or simple puzzle-solving things, it sure does have its manner of getting things conveyed seamlessly towards the person playing the game. But then if you are into some of the NSFW content in a game? Then the game up for discussion should help you out abundantly. 

FULL NAME:Wildlife Patreon

What is a Wild Life Patreon?

As the name suggests, its nothing related to wildlife but it’s simple gets wilder with the adult content and the amount of sex that is possible in the game. The game screams NSFW content, and players who like such genre are in for a treat. The game revolves around your character where you can select from the two sexes and choose their appearance and everything else. 

Enjoy your journey through an RPG oriented atmosphere, and grow your battle attributes throughout your way. But if you are talking about the NSFW and adult content, then there’s plenty of that. You can mate with a different character in the game both dead and alive. All the detailing is quite crisp, and there is a lot more to come with future updates. 

Key features of the game

Wild Life - Early Development Footage | Wild life game, Wildlife, Life
  • Crisp detailing. 

All the gameplay features, along with character detailing, is quite precise along with great physics features in males and females. They are toned down and made to have that appeal to address the NSFW content. 

  • Plenty of RPG mechanics. 

The game isn’t only about adult content, but then the battle scenarios are quite detailed and do offer excellent RPG elements as well. Making it quite the experience bringing the best of both worlds. 

  • Extraordinary detail in character creation. 

During the start of the game, players have the option to create their characters. It could either be a female or male. Create it with an extensive array of creative options that would address your fantasy of having a better character through the game. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • CPU – Intel i5. 
  • Memory – 8GB. 
  • Storage – 15GB. 
  • Graphics card – GTX 960. 

How to download and install the game on PC?

  • Download the installation file. 

The internet has multiple sites housing the game that has to be paid to be downloaded. But then you can download a free version that might be a trial version of the game. Players can buy the full version of the game from official sites. Download the necessary files for the game. 

  • Install the game. 

After downloading the installation files, open them and set up the installer. Choose the parameters for installation and leave the installer to install the game. 

  • Have fun. 

Upon successful installation, open the game either from the directory where it is installed or from a shortcut in the desktop. 

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