Presenting to you one of the finest remote surveillance apps ever made, the Wifi DVR Software. It is used to serve a multitude of surveillance purposes. It is based off of Wifi cams, these small, special cameras that are used for surveillance around the house. When you install them in your house, you connect them to the Wifi DVR app on your phone. This establishes a strong connection between all the devices used. Once you do, you can monitor all those cameras by simply clicking through your phone. Impressive isn’t it? You don’t have a whole setup to monitor them like some security guard. Just using your phone is enough. You can put unique alerts for each camera so you are on a constant track with your surroundings. And if that wasn’t enough, here are more cool features for you to go through.

FULL NAME:Wifi DVR Software
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Key Features Of Wifi DVR Software

Simple Interface
Wifi DVR is very easy to work with. You don’t have complicated window panels to arrange in your screen, nor do you have too many buttons to press. Also,you can go to your desired menu with one click of the finger. You don’t have to change your device’s settings for it to work smoothly. The only two things it requires is access to camera and location. After that, you can survey your surroundings through the lens of the installed cameras around.

Built-In Sensors
What makes this app truly great is its numerous inbuilt sensors. You have different sensors for collision detection, parking monitoring and in-motion detection. All these sensors can be accessed from within the same phone. You don’t need different remote controls to monitor each feature. This is data encapsulation at its finest. 

Download for Windows

Super Reliable
Now monitor your cameras by sitting in any part of the world. Just make sure your application and cameras remain connected through a stable Internet. No third party can intervene between this data flow. This results in your cameras staying protected from prying eyes.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

CPU Processor: Intel, x34,x64

RAM Memory: 14 MB

Available Storage Space: 37 MB

How To Download It On PC

Users have tested this application on their smartphones and were very satisfied with the results. They were able to view multiple windows in one frame which was gratifying, to say the least. Because users have adored this application on mobile, they want to it to shift to PC as well. This is because surveillance is invariably done better on a large screen. Unfortunately, Wifi DVR is yet to be made available on desktop. This should come as unhappy news but here, we believe in shortcuts. If you love Wifi DVR’s services as much as we do, then you can install it for free on your system. All you need is an android emulator to run the app on your system. Bluestacks is one of the most notable software of this kind. So we will proceed with it as follows:

Download for Windows
  1. Download Bluestacks from its site The download will only take a couple of minutes.
  2. After successfully downloading, it will open automatically. Find the play store on its home screen and click it open.
  3. To access the store’s features, you have to sign in first, following which you can look up the app’s name in the search bar.
  4. From the search results, download Wifi DVR. Finally, you can use it from your Bluestacks’ home screen.

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