Suspense based games are often entertaining all thanks to the twist and spin-off that comprises the overall storyline. No doubt, different genres can take this part and incorporate into their game, but then if you are looking for a suspenseful, thriller and investigative game? Then we have one for you here today. 

FULL NAME:When The Night Comes

What is When the night comes?

When the night comes is a comic styled game that portrays your character along with others. The storyline revolves around your primary character that is bought into a town where there are some supernatural events and killings taking place. 

Well, your investigations lead to several turns and twists and its quite the immersive experience that would keep you at the edge of your seat. The game is much more than an investigative nature but addresses the LGBTQ+ community as well as you can expect some elaborative adult content and NSFW scenes as well. 

Key features of the game. 

  • Well developed. 

The entire game is well developed with no bugs whatsoever. It’s smooth and sturdy throughout the gameplay that it has to offer. The game is robust, and there’s much more to expect than what it has to offer. 

When The Night Comes on Steam
  • Great visuals. 

Though being comic styled gameplay, the game does offer some elaborative visuals that are soothing to the human eyes and does make the best of experiences in playing and enjoying the game. 

  • Great story. 

No doubt, the story is what holds the entire game together and it’s quite a story indeed. There are several cliff hangers built right into the game, but each one of them is a mystery of its own and that’s what makes the game quite impressive. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • OS – Windows XP and above. 
  • CPU – Intel 1GHz. 
  • Video – DirectX. 
  • RAM – 1GB. 
  • Storage – 100MB. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the game. 

The game can be downloaded from many sites either for free or by paying a discounted price for extra packs and other stuff for the game. Download the necessary version. 

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, then set up the installer of the game. Install it as per the given set of instructions on the screen. Install the game. 

  • Have fun. 

After successful installation, enjoy the game as per your preference. 

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