Breathe life into your devices by using the super cool Vpings app. What is it you ask? Well, it is simply an app that lets you set videos and moving pictures as your wallpapers. Choose any video you like irrespective of the format. Perhaps you have a screen-recorded video of your PUBG victories rolled into one montage. You wish to flaunt it a bit. You know, show your friends that you practically specialise in cooking chicken dinners. Well with Vpings, you can easily set that video as your wallpaper. Amaze your friends and family with how lovely your screen looks and revel in their ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. Not only is Vpings a visually appealing app, but it will also make your device the epitome of coolness.

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Key Features Of Vpings

Choose Your Picks
Vpings has an inbuilt library brimming with stunning video wallpapers. From anime to nature, every possible theme is covered. If you are looking for a general background, you can choose from here. But if you want your video to be personalised, then you can select from your own library. Compile all your picks into one background playlist. A background playlist allows you to swipe through the backgrounds on your home screen. Now how cool is that? What’s more, you can add filters and music to these wallpapers for further enhancement. We didn’t lie when we said your device can become an epitome of coolness with this app.

No Battery Drainage
All of us at some point have downloaded live wallpapers in our devices. But because they utilize a lot of battery power, we sadly have to uninstall them. Vpings is a refreshing change from such apps. Despite loading videos and not just moving images as wallpapers, it uses the least battery power possible.  There is no overload on system resources which is a big relief since no one likes their applications to lag. To conclude, Vpings is that one faultless application you definitely have to check out.

Vpings Video Wallpaper for PC - Free Download & Install on Windows PC, Mac
Download for Windows

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10

RAM Memory: 10.8 MB

Minimum Storage Space: 85 MB

How To Download It On PC

Imagine, every time your system loads, you will be greeted with videos of loved ones or a totally abstract video, like paint colours splashing across your screen. You can pull pranks on your friends by loading scary videos as their desktop wallpapers. This will make them jump out of their skin whenever they log in. Sounds tempting right? Nothing can stop you from downloading this mobile specific app on your system if you follow our instructions clearly. Remember, the first thing you need is an Android emulator. Here, Bluestacks is the android emulator that will assist you in running this app on PC.

Download for Windows
  1. Go to the website This is the site where you can download the emulator freely.
  2. When Bluestacks launches, you will be taken to its home screen. Here you will find the Play Store icon. Open it.
  3. Look up Vpings through the search bar. Before you can download it from the search results, sign into your Google account like it asks you to.
  4. In a short while, your app will be ready for use on your PC. Double click its icon from the home screen to run it.

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