Since time immemorial, online gaming has had its fair share of ruling over the internet. There are few things that stand at par with social media’s heavy network traffic and one of them is online gaming sites. While one-half of the internet consumers are flaunting their sun-kissed selfies on online portals, the other half are happily being sucked in the realms of exciting game storylines. 

Download for Windows

It is just how the cliques run on the internet. Just like social media loses its appeal in the absence of followers, gaming sites to lose their appeal in the absence of a community. Gaming experiences, tips and trick have to be shared with people who play the same games. And, Voobly was created. It serves to educate players in the gaming world by connecting them through a massive network. In this network, players connect with peers to embark on the fun and educational sprees of the gaming kind.

Key Features Of Voobly

Enter The Lobby
The first thing to do on Voobly is to create an account. Once that is done, you will find yourself in a long hall of doors wherein each door leads to a separate lobby. Lobby is the fancy term given to Voobly’s chat rooms. Behind every door, a new game is promoted. You can enter a number of these lobbies and engage with active players of the game. Additionally, there are notice boards that line the hallways. They are responsible for making important announcements and other activities taking place across Voobly’s expanse.

Access The Messenger

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Download for Windows

Split your window; the gameplay window and the chat window. Voobly’s cool messenger is mandatory if you are a talkative gamer. Connect with like-minded players and engage in long, enlightening conversations.

Tinker With Settings
Like any intuitive application, Voobly comes packed with customisable settings. You can change lobby and activity preferences, change game ratings and basically change the Voobly ecosystem to suit your liking.  You can also change notification sounds, customise fonts and change timestamps. If you have network related issues, you can contact the technical team from the ‘Contact Us’ option in settings.

How To Download On System

It is pretty easy to download this gaming network on both Windows and Mac. Aside from the links provided, you will find plenty of other links on browser. Feel free to check them out if either of these methods don’t work for you.

Download on PC

  1. Go to the link This where you will find a safe and reliable download link to the application.
  2. Upon clicking the download button, the ‘external mirror’ option is given. Just click on it to start downloading Voobly’s exe file.
  3. Run this file on the system. Follow the installation process that shows the setup window.
  4. In another few minutes, Voobly will download on your PC.

Download On Mac

Download for Windows
  1. Go to the link Scroll down the page and you will find the download button.
  2. Upon clicking it, the exe file of the application downloads. Run this file on your Macbook.
  3. Follow through with the instructions on the setup window. 
  4. Finally, Voobly installs on your Mac console.

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