In this growing world of information technology, knowing how to create software is very helpful. Visual Studio Express is a simple easy to use free application where you can develop your application. Generally, application for software development is extensive in size. These applications require higher specifications in our device. The device having lower specification will frequently encounter problems.

FULL NAME:Visual Studio Express

You will not find a single free such application online. You can use it for free only for a trial period. For people who are just starting to know how these applications that trial period is not enough. There are too many features in the paid version of the software development application. For a person who is a professional software developer, this feature helps speed up their process.

For students or someone new in this field, these features do nothing but confuse them. Visual Studio Express has relatively fewer features. This reduction in the application tools means that you can learn to use all devices in a short time. The tools are cut off very carefully so that all the essential features are there for the beginners. In this application, you can write your application program in many languages. This feature makes it quick for beginners to develop software using this application.


  • CODING LANGUAGE: – We can have command in either one or two programming languages. In this application, you get a wide range of programming language which you can use. In any software development application, you don’t choose which programming language you can use. This makes a significant difference. It is said that the logic of any program is the same for every programming language. The person who has used more than one programming language will know that to compile and run the program in a familiar language is much more preferable. So the feature of multiple languages makes it easier and less time consuming to create software.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: – This application is easy to use as editing the running code in the software is much more comfortable. You can open any folder in software to find the mistake and make the required changes. With features like XAML Edit & Continue, the debugging process is made much more accessible. This feature of debugging is very helpful for beginners as finding error can be very hard for someone who is on a learning curve.
  • MODERN WEB: – When you are confident with your skills as a software developer. You can use this modern web for higher programming languages like python and JavaScript. Here you get more powerful coding tools. You get thousands of extensions, which makes your experience more enjoyable. 
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STEP 1:- Go to a trusted web browser application. Write the VISUAL STUDIO EXPRESS in the search bar.

STEP 2:- From the search result, go to the official site of VISUAL STUDIO EXPRESS.

STEP 3:-Select the latest version of the game.

STEP 4:- After selecting the latest version, make sure all other applications on your PC is closed. Then click on the download option.

STEP 5:- Go to the folder where the game has been downloaded.

STEP 6:- Double-click on the downloaded file. The installation window appears on the screen.

STEP 7:- Read all the terms and conditions carefully that appear on the window. And click on I agree to the option.

STEP 8:- Click on the install option. And wait till the application is being installed.

STEP 9:- After the installation is complete, the application’s icon appears on the screen. Click on that icon, and you can now develop your software.

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