If you are fed up with those tangled wired internet connections, you should switch on the Virtual Router Plus mode. VRP helps you to connect and share the internet with any WiFi device. The software acts as a great tool if you are willing to create a wireless hotspot.  People love this system because they can get a free internet connection that, too, with complete security of WPA2. The whole background work is that it converts your device into a WiFi router. Isn’t it surprising! So now, you can quickly form a home network without any haze. Connect any device like a phone, tablets, laptops, etc. within a few seconds. The software can run on systems like Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, and Windows 7 as well. The software is encrypted, and so you can depend on it blindly. 

FULL NAME:Virtual Router Plus

Once you have set the software, you will see the names of the connected devices, the address of MAC and IPs, and even the hostnames in a list. Besides this, you can also monitor the number of devices that are connected there. From the use of that traditional ADSL broadband to this excellent software, technologies have come a long way. English is the default language, but you can convert the language into Polish, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese according to your need.

Key Features:-

  • No Installation: You can quickly start the use of the internet without the installation work. This feature also saves your money which you have been spending on the job. So this opportunity helps you to get rid of those tangled wires and cables.
  • Easy usage: The software is straightforward to use on your system. You can perform the easy steps on your own without the help of any technician. The developer has kept the interface very simple, so you won’t require any guide books to learn.
  • Free application: The best thing is that you can convert your system as a router without paying for it. So now you can save the extra expenses which you were paying for those outdated routers and wires.
  • Less weight: The software is so light and simple that you do not require any setup system for it. 
  • 100% secure: The software is 100% safe and secure to use. So now you can easily rely on this application as it will not cause any harm to your device. Now without giving a second thought, start converting your PC to a hotspot.
  • Perfect for non-experts: If you think that the software is only for experts, you are wrong. Be it a beginner or an expert; you can enjoy the usage easily. The developers have kept the interface simple and sound. 

Series of steps to download and install Virtual Router Plus on your device:-

Step 1 – Open your desired browser and use the search bar.

Step 2 – Type the name of the software, i.e., “Virtual Router Plus,” on it, and click the enter option.

Step 3 – Download the desired application from the search result.

Step 4 – Once the whole work is done, open the application.

Step 5 – In this step, you are required to set the network which you will be using.

Step 6 – Choose a name and enter the password accordingly. The password you enter should be a minimum of eight characters.

Step 7 – Upon completing this work, click on the “Start Virtual Router Plus” option available on the screen.

Step 8 – Now, you are all set to access the internet connection and enjoy its use.

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