Skyrim has been one of the greatest open-world RPG games of all time. It has undoubtedly changed the way gamers look at RPG games of the present-day world. No doubt, the game wasn’t perfect in all aspects. But it does its job well enough and ensures that gamers get what they always wanted – immersive gameplay and extensive storyline. 

The story revolves around your character who has to defeat the dragon who is destined to destroy your world. Through several quests and missions, craft your weapon and use the same to slay the dragon and save the world. 

The game was developed and published by Bethesda in 2013. The game was released on a series of gaming platforms such as Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, etc. However, different versions of the game were released in 2016. 

Skyrim UNP Body Mod 

UNP Body Mod
UNP Body Mod

Updating the characters in the game can’t be possible unless and until the developer releases a dedicated update. Its where mods come to the rescue, which allows you to incorporate your favourite things into the game. 

UNP mod for Skyrim has one purpose, and that’s to make the female characters in the game look more appealing. It elevates the overall detailing of the naked body by adding relevant textures and physics to the way they look. Along with this, in-game female characters get a complete definition of their body with the colors and body orientation as well.  

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