What is Tunngle?

Tunngle is free to use VPN service. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service which provides you to create a virtual network which allows you to play games with your friends. Tunngle works by creating a virtual LAN for any game of your choice. It creates an IP address which allows you to play using a virtual LAN. This program is very similar to Hamachi, another service which allows virtual LAN for game friends, distributed teams and mobile workers.


Created about a decade ago, the last update on June 30, 2017. It was developed and available on GitHub. It has a freeware license, which means you can safely download this program. Tunngle is available on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, and even 7. Tunngle provides support for many games, no matter how old and new it is. Tunngle creates a LAN for every game individually, making it very easy to play a series of games with your friends.

Features of Tunngle

1.      Added multilingual support: Tunngle now supports many more languages than English which now provides even more useful use of this app.

2.      Constantly updated: Tunngle is constantly updated while solving many problems like errors in B and C – class emulation. There were also many bugs when joining a lobby which is fixed in this new update. This means that the developers of this app listen to the suggestion of their community. The community is very active and also helps new users. There are many tutorials which teach beginners how to use the app.

Tunngle Round Icon PNG File by Gabrielm44 on DeviantArt

3.      Easy to use: Tunngle has a very easy to use a style of design for its UI. It is very easy to use Tunngle if you are a beginner to such programs. You just need to open the program, select the game in which you would like to create the Lan in, get the IP address and that’s it. You also need to give that IP address to your friends to enjoy the game.

How to download Tunngle

It is very easy to download names on your windows device. To download a setup file which automatically downloads the program, you would need a site which would allow you to download it. There are many online sites which allow you to download Tunngle on Windows 10, 8, and 7. Using the official website would be the safest option and would be the most recommended. At the official site, select which operating system of your device. Then click download and wait for the setup file to download.

Then, run the setup and wait for the setup to install the program. After the installation process has been completed, the name would be available for your use at any time. There might also be certain another step which differs from program to program. You could also need to allow the name to access some files and make changes to your device. Also, there might also be some programs which only support the newer or older operating system.

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