TinyTake desktop app is used to share a screen recording or screen capture with your followers. It is used for taking screenshots and also can screen record your activity. TinyTake is easy to use as it offers you the option to change the default key combinations for screen captures or screen video and it also allows you to record by just clicking on “capture video”. TinyTake was built by MangoApps and is free software. It gives employees everything they need in a simple, easy-to-use interface proper statistics, productivity, and collaboration across your entire company.

FULL NAME:TinyTake Desktop

Features of TinyTake Desktop are:

Easy capture and annotation :

You can capture using TinyTake for up to 115 minutes. It is very easy to annotate in TinyTake. Convenient Tools are used for annotation. You can also select the time at which the annotation appears. Now, drag and drop picture is easier using this. TinyTake makes sharing an annotated image as an attachment much more accessible and faster than before because it allows us to drag and drop the annotated image directly from TinyTake to any application that supports images.

Sharing large files:

TinyTake allows you to quickly share your files by dragging it on the file tab. You can even drag an entire folder or bulk files. Each file has its URL which makes it easy to locate. It allows you to share data of 2GB in just a single click.

Multiple modes:

You can capture screenshots using various modes like the entire window, rectangular window, full screen, or only the selected area of the screen. It is possible to even blur the parts of the unwanted screen or highlight the critical areas of the screen.

In-built Viewer:

TinyTake has an In-built Viewer for Standard Files where it is easy to play videos, view images, read office documents, and PDFs directly with no additional software installed on your computer. This works efficiently on mobile devices and even optimizes your time.

High storage capacity:

TinyTake allows you to store your files, images, and videos together and even maintains your full shared history in the cloud. It organizes your content properly which makes it more presentable and you are allowed to view and re-share content at any time.

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Tiny take allows users to report a problem by just right-clicking on the TinyTake app icon from the system tray and choosing “More” -> “Report a problem”. It will send an email to the support team along with other required information and they will reach out to you.

How to download TinyTake desktop on Windows:

1.Firstly check that no previous version of TinyTake for Windows is already installed. If there is a previous version  please uninstall it and  also restart your computer

2.Install TinyTake desktop over the network with help of psexec.exe utility

3. Follow the command given there step by step.

4. TinyTake has now been installed and ready to capture.

How to download TinyTake desktop on Mac:

1. Download the most recent version of the TinyTake desktop from www.TinyTake.com normally using the internet. 

2.When you open it the error box appears “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” Click on ok

3. Go to Security & Privacy and select “System Preferences.”

4. You will find a lock at the bottom of the screen which asks for a password. Enter the password to unlock it

5. Go to the “General” section and tick the box under “Accept Applications Downloaded From”

6. You will be available to launch TinyTake now.

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