A computer comes in handy when the user might have surplus tasks that have to be accomplished. Though it might seem a bit tedious at first, the computer is known for handling complex computations and getting the best of results. However, if you are someone that wishes to know all the tasks that you carried out on the screen, then there are screen recorders which may or may not come with your computer operating system. For this, we have an alternative solution today. 

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What is a Tiny Task?

The tiny task is a background screen recorder that helps in recording all of the functions along with cursor navigation that is made on the screen. It’s quite a small and light app that requires no additional input on how to use it. It records everything and does autosave the recording in any file name as well. The application is exclusively available only for Microsoft Windows. 

Key features of the software. 

TinyTask 1.77 [Update] - Neowin
Download for Windows

  • Minimal user interface. 

The user interface doesn’t comprise advanced recording tools. All you get is a start, stop, record, pause, save and few other options. 

  • Advanced options. 

While the controls might be simple, the actions that it performs are quite complex. It lets you record everything on the screen seamlessly. 

  • Simple to use. 

There is no standard learning curve. All soon you see the user interface, you will automatically know what the application is all about, and it gets the job within an instant. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the applications installation files. 

The installer for the software is available on multiple third-party sites where users can download it for free of cost. 

  • Install the software. 
Download for Windows

Once downloaded, then install the software by opening the installer and installing it by following the on-screen set of instructions. 

  • Have fun using it. 

Enjoy using the software to the fullest of the extent to have a comprehensive take on all the actions being carried out on-screen. 

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