What Is Textpad?

You have heard and avidly used the text-editing app called Notepad. Now it’s time you shift to its superior brother, Textpad. The two softwares are similar in a lot of ways. Both are built by Windows, both feature almost the same design layouts and both provide users with easy-to-use typing tools. However, Textpad’s functionality is where the difference comes in. It is not bland like Notepad in its editing options. It provides users with tools that are almost at par with that of Microsoft Word’s. These tools create the perfect distinction between Notepad and Textpad. Yes, Notepad is very easy to use but so is Textpad, despite providing a plethora of features that are otherwise absent from the former app. We shall take a look at some of those features in the section below.


Key Features Of Textpad

Quickly Edit Notes

There is no elaborate layout to build your document. You just have to open the Textpad and start typing notes in. It is very useful to make running notes of a lecture or to simply paste notes from your clipboard. Textpad’s inbuilt spelling checker comes in ten different languages. So if you are typing in a rapid transition from one language to another, it will rectify all spelling errors along the way.

Work On Codes

TextPad: a fast and functional text editor | TrustRadius

You can use Textpad to work on your code. Your code can be written in any programming language. The code will automatically be indented according to the language syntax. Like Notepad, developers use Textpad to type their HTML codes in. Once saved with the extension of .html, the document will immediately run on the browser. You needn’t add external comments to differentiate between the coding lines.

Run Large Files

Textpad will find no problem in running your significantly large text files. Your text file can reach the limits of 32-bit memory and it will still be able to run it without collapsing. In addition, you can edit multiple files at the same time.

How To Download And Install It On System

TextPad is a veteran in its field. It’s been around long enough to be made available on all platforms, be it Windows or Mac. It can be installed on your computer by following the given instructions:

  1. Firstly, go to the link https://www.textpad.com/download#TextPad850. Yes, the design of the page seems a little bland but what it lacks in creativity, it makes up for it in content. On this official site, you will find download links to all versions of TextPad suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  2. Choose the version you prefer. Then click on the link that suits your system’s requirements. The zip file will begin to download
  3. Once downloaded, extract the contents of your zip file into a separate folder. Open this folder and click the file that has a .exe. extension in its name.
  4. TextPad’s installation window pops up. Follow the download instructions until the end. And finally, the TextPad icon will appear on your home screen. Just click it to start running it.

Note: The above procedure can be used on both PC and Mac consoles. 

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