A few years ago, the idea of emulating an operating system on our phones would have sounded totally bizarre. But with the rapid growth of technology, that feat has been duly achieved. One of the products of this concept is Termux, a free, powerful and open source application that emulates the Linux operating system on phones. This integrates both Android and Linux, thereby allowing users to work on command lines of the shell in Linux through their smartphones. Basically, it weaves together a Linux package collection with powerful terminal emulation.

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Key Features Of Termux

Customizable Environment
You can choose which shell you prefer to use, It can be bash, Fish, Zsh or Nano. Then by using the extensive package management system courtesy of Ubuntu GNU/Linux, you can install whatever you want into your system to turn it into a more programmable environment.

Using Termux, you can play text based games with frotz or check out tinkerable Git projects. If you are looking to be extra productive with your Termux, then you can turn it into a readline Python powered pocket calculator. With updated versions of Node.js and Python at your service, this can be easily procured.

Full Security
You can access remote servers without third party interventions by using the ssh client from OpenSSH.

Not content with the available features? No problem, you can add a variety of other features through the interactive API. Some of the extensions that can be obtained are Termux:API, Termux:Boot and Termux:Widget. To figure their functionalities out, you will have to download the app and see for yourself

How To Download It On PC

Termux for PC, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Laptops (2020 Latest) - Apps for PC
Download for Windows

Termux is open source software which means it is freely available for download from both your browser and Play Store. There are two ways to go about installing it in our system. The first one is by downloading it from third party apk sites. The second one is by running it using Android emulators. We will show you how to go about both the methods in detail.

Downloading Through APK Sites

Before you begin, remember this method isn’t entirely reliable. In order to protect your system from malware that may come with the download, make sure your antivirus is enabled.

  1. Open your browser and search for apk files of Termux. When you find a reliable link, download it from there.
  2. After download finishes, you need to extract the contents of your file. To do so, you need to have WinRAR stored in your system.
  3. After extraction, open the folder and run the .exe file. 
  4. Follow the installation instructions till the very end. And finally, Termux is ready for use on your system.

Downloading Using Emulator

Download for Windows
  1. The emulator we will be using is called MEmu Play. Go to the site www.memuplay.com and you will find a direct download link for the emulator.
  2. When MEmu launches, you will see it has a Play Store. To use it, sign in to Google first.
  3. Using the store’s search bar, look up Termux. Tap it to start downloading when you find it.
  4. In a few minutes, Termux will be successfully installed in your PC.

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